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June 12, 2017

Runway Translator: Putting the FUN back into summer shopping!

By Laura Byrne

Generally, I love the act of shopping for fashion, so much, in fact, that I’ve made a career out of it. I’m usually excited by the concept of finding new pieces and checking them off my list. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt—with one exception. I absolutely detest swimsuit shopping for myself! I loathe it, truly. But since I’ve not yet sworn off wearing them all together, swimsuit shopping I must go. I’ve developed a system over the years that helps me manage the task in a way that curbs my anxiety. It includes rigorous psychological preparation by repeating positive affirmations in the mirror and consuming a few adult beverages before the excursion. It’s exhausting!

This year I decided to try something new and reimagine the experience and turn it into something I can look forward to. I held a private poolside viewing party with a few of my girlfriends. Oh, what fun we had! I simply got their sizes beforehand and pulled a variety of items from some of my favorite local boutiques (one of the perks of being a stylist). We tried them on, drank some champagne, rocked the runway, and let each other decide which pieces looked best. There were no mirrors and no bad lighting, just a group of girlfriends having a blast. Welcome to the new and improved way I now shop for my summertime wardrobe. I think we’re onto something here, don’t you?

Photos by Theresa NeSmith Photography

Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-Photography La Blanca swimsuit, $111, Pink Palm 
India Hicks scarf, $58, @indiahickssouthtampa 
Fan fringe necklace, $38, DKM 
India Hicks basket bag, $245, @indiahickssouthtampa


Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-PhotographyMaaji rashguard, $88, Surf Outfitter 
O’Neill bikini bottom, $36, Surf Outfitter 
Straw fedora hat, $20, Sara’s Karma Chic 
Sunglasses, DKM


Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-Photography American & Beyond coverup, $58, DKM 
Lilly Pulitzer beach tote, $198, Pink Palm



La Blanca bikini, $71 top, $55 bottom, Surf Outfitter 
Shiraleah coverup, $58, DKM 
Fan fringe earrings, $18, Pink Palm 
Pompom necklace, $32, DKM


Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-PhotographyCitrine Swimsuit, $150, Surf Outfitter 
Cabana Life swim pant, $90, Ship Chic 
Canvas earrings, $32, Pink Palm


Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-PhotographyLilly Pulitzer coverup, $178, Pink Palm 
Flamingo bag, $48, Pink Palm 
Fedora with bow, $36, DKM


Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-PhotographyIndie Wild bikini, $135 top, $100 bottom, Surf Outfitter 
India Hicks scarf, $58, @indiahickssouthtampa 
India Hicks lariat necklace, $80, @indiahickssouthtampa



Runway-Translator-Summer-Looks-Thersea-Nesmith-PhotographyRip Curl fringe swimsuit, $69.50, Surf Outfitter 
Floral shorts, $10, Sara’s Karma Chic 
Shoshq black and white shorts, $20, Sara’s Karma Chic



Bleu black bikini top, my closet 
Shoshq black and white shorts, $20, Sara’s Karma Chic

Roxy sunhat, $32, Surf Outfitter
Large turquoise sunhat, $20, Sara’s Karma Chic



Charlie Paige anchor rope bag, $24.95, Sara’s Karma Chic




Mar Y Sol straw tote with pompoms, $129, Ship Chic



Banago straw clutch, $58, DKM



AJ Morgan sunglasses, DKM 
Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses, $29, Pink Palm



MacBeth Collection romper, $58, DKM 
Flamingo clutch with tassle, $274, @indiahickssouthtampa



Sail to Sable striped coverup, $148, Ship Chic



Tori Richard palm frond coverup, $104, Ship Chic



Lilly Pulitzer embroidered coverup, $128, Pink Palm

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