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July 13, 2018

Safari Wilderness: a Journey into Lakeland’s Exotic Wildland

By Joan O'Neill

Save on expensive plane tickets this summer and take a short trip with Safari Wilderness, an exotic safari adventure in Lakeland with experiences for all ages.

Break up the summer routine with a real-life safari in Lakeland. For a limited time, Safari Wilderness is offering a Young Explorers’ Safari until August 12th. This kid-oriented experience consists of a 45-minute vehicle driven tour and short walking tour.

Younger explorers will get close and personal with a variety of animals during the vehicle portion of the tour such as water buffalo, zebra, cattle, and deer. Additionally, the brief walking tour typically follows to introduce kids to smaller animals such as lemurs, kune kunes, coatis, pigs, and more.

This special tour is only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 1 and 2p.m. Space is limited for this summer exclusive experience and tickets cost $39 per person. Add on experiences are available such a lemur, guinea pig, parakeet feeding or the Coati Encounter.

Celebrating a special occasion? Sunset Safaris is back by popular demand select Friday and Saturday evenings this summer. The Sunset Safari allows explorers to see zebra, camels, and more with an opportunity to feed animals from the safari truck on this hour and a half long tour. Sunset is the time that these animals are the most active so it’s sure to be a one of a kind experience. Check with Safari Wilderness about adding their Nilgai experience which is only available during Sunset Safaris.

If you’re after even more adventure, take voyage on the Kayak Safari through the property’s freshwater trails. This self-navigated wetland adventure is for adults and children 5+. Explore Lemur Island and feed the inhabitants grapes by hand! See a variety of birds like bald eagles, kestrels, and ibis in addition to species like waterbuck and red lechwe. After the kayak tour, a behind the scenes trip to the small mammal night house is included to learn about the daily care of some of the littler animals on the premise.

Get transported this summer on a Safari Wilderness tour, it’s the perfect experience to discover the animal world in an engaging, hands-on environment. Whether you’re looking for family fun or a special date night, you needn’t fly to Africa—there are lots of safari expeditions in our own backyard!

Feature Image Credit: Safari Wilderness

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