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November 30, 2020

Let’s go snow tubing in Florida! A day at Snowcat Ridge in Dade City

By Tara Payor, Ph.D.  

Up for a little drive? We recently visited Dade City’s newest hot (well, maybe cold) spot: Snowcat Ridge, and wanted to share the details with you.


Definitely purchase tickets online before making the short drive from Tampa. Tickets start at $24.95 per person and go up to $39.95 per person, depending on the day you go.

When you purchase tickets online, you also reserve a specific time slot–two hours was more than enough time with a 5 and 8 year old in tow. You can also pay for parking ahead of time—parking is $15 at the gate and $14.02 online.

On the slopes

Get ready to work once inside Snowcat Ridge, as you’ll pull your tubes around. There is a “magic carpet” to get riders up the slope, and that was great because the snowy slopes are outdoors.

It was a warm afternoon when we visited, so we worked up a sweat. There’s no need to dress warmly for the slopes, and I was thankful to be wearing workout gear.

snow cat ridge snow in Dade City

There are single, tandem, and family tubes. The tandem are great for one parent and one child and the family choice is fun; however, there’s a good chance you’ll share the large raft with another family if yours is less than five people. Guests and employees were masked.

Want to build a snowman?

The Arctic Igloo in Snowcat Ridge offered a welcome respite from the sun. Masks are required indoors. I brought a small bag with gloves and puffers to wear in the igloo. The kids were able to make a snowman, do snow angels, and go down the small bunny slopes on tubes.

There are bleachers for sitting. The snow is slippery, so boots with good grip are a good idea to keep on the entire time you visit.

snow cat ridge snow in Dade City

Alpine Village spreads across the property and offers food, drinks, and pop up shops from local vendors. There are a few cute photo opps too.

Pro tips for the trip

When driving an hour or so away from home base, I like to scope out other events in the areas we visit. It’s a good way to fill an entire day and offers everyone a chance to get out of the car and move around. Facebook is a great way to search for events, as are chamber of commerce websites.

Snowcat Ridge is a fun way, really the only, to have a white Christmas in the Bay Area.

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