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June 9, 2018

Boutique Basics: Style Finder Shopping Tours in Tampa Bay

By Michelle Bremer

Girls just want to have fun… and shop and drink champagne!

Women are social creatures and we do love our ‘Girl Time’… am I right?

Shopping can be therapeutic if it’s something you enjoy doing. But if, like many women, you’re not in love with the idea of shopping because you feel like you never find the right pieces, or you don’t have the time to hunt, Style Finder Shopping Tours might be a good option for you.

The tours are a fun way to get together with friends and spend a few hours learning about the local fashion scene. There are so many wonderful locally-owned boutiques scattered throughout the Tampa Bay area just waiting to be explored. Even if you are not the type of shopper who spends a Saturday driving all over town popping into boutiques, you might enjoy taste-testing a few with friends.

Having a stylist guide you through the process helps ensure you spend your money wisely. You’ll also learn about current fashion trends and which cuts and styles look best on your body. It’s like having a little fashion angel on your shoulder whispering style tips in your ear.

Aside from the free-flowing champagne and style guidance, the best part of this social shopping party is that you’re supporting the small businesses here in our community while having a great time hanging out with friends! Cheers to that!

For more information visit stylefindertours.com


Style Finder Shopping Tours
Photo by Theresa NeSmith Photography

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