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May 25, 2018

Cool! Our summertime favorites for the beach bag and backyard

By Laura Byrne

School is out and summer break is here which means it’s time to keep that beach bag packed and ready to go for the moment when the beach bug bites and you’re itching to go with the kids!

We recently appeared on Great Day Live on WTSP to chat with Kendall Kirkham and Michael Clayton about our beach must haves as we head into summer break. Kendall is not only a new mom, but she’s new to Florida so we also shared some of our favorite beach hacks.

Watch the segment here.

Before you head out to the beach, or outside in general, make sure you and the kids are lathering up with sunscreen! The Environmental Working Group recently released its 2018 Sunscreen Guide and found that 2/3 of sunscreens are either not effective or contain an ingredient they say may be harmful to your health. Check here to see if your sunscreen made the cut.

Cheap Beach Hacks

Our favorite beach hack was brought to our attention by an amazing fellow mom from the Tampa Bay area. I was at Clearwater Beach with my 2-year-old a few months ago and he face planted in the sand. Womp, womp. He refused to get in the water or beach shower to rinse off (the water was pretty cold in his defense), so this mom gave us a small cup of baby powder to remove the sand! I’ve heard about this hack before growing up in the area, but never put it to the test. Let me tell you…it works like a dream to remove clingy sand. All you have to do is sprinkle a bit on the sandy spots and the sand rubs right off!

Another hack we swear by is a diaper to hide your car keys and cards. Simply wrap your items up in the diaper as you would a soiled diaper and leave it by your tent. If you are especially worried about your phone and keys, we’ve also zipped them up in a ziploc bag and carried them with us as our kids searched for shells at the shoreline. It’s not hands free, but it works.

Kid-Friendly Summertime Stuff We Love

We are NOT partnering with or profiting from the following products we’re featuring here. They did send us samples to try out at no charge. We’re sharing because we honestly like them!

There are so many fun new products  to keep your kids entertained this summer and make your life a little easier. Here are some of our favorites:

Laguna Blue beach towel summer favorites'
Laguna Blue Beach Towel

Antibacterial and Super Absorbent Beach Towel by Laguna Blue (who knew there was such a thing??) It’s $17.56 on Amazon and can even double as a picnic blanket!

Wallaroo Beach hat
Wallaroo Hat for kids

We are loving Wallaroo Hat Company’s UPF 50+ hats for kids (moms and dads, too!) This shark bite hat has the cool factor that just might encourage your little one to keep their hat on all day! This hat goes for $28 right now at Wallaroohats.com. There are several other designs, including some really cute ones on markdown!

Cabana Life UV protective clothing summer favorites
Cabana Life Mommy & Me collection

Cabana Life UV protective clothing and swimwear: If you love the Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me look, Cabana Life has a wide selection of swimwear and clothing to keep your family matching and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The clothing offers UPF of up to 50+ in trendy prints and colors.


Real Kids Shades Summer favorites
Real Kids Shades for baby

Real Kids Shades has some super cute sunglass to protect your little one’s eyes, offering sunnies for babies to big kids! We love this one for baby because it has the strap to keep the sunglasses secure to their face. They are also shatterproof, so that’s a win! This pair goes for about $19.95.


Sportbrella beach tent

The SportBrella Beach Tent is pretty much the go-to for many Tampa Bay area families. If you don’t have one already, you may want to consider investing in one for your beach trips and even trips out to the park where shade can hard to come by. The price varies, but it can be found on Amazon right now for about $39.99.

Big Mouth sprinkler summer favorites

Big Mouth Inc. sprinklers: Every kid needs a 6 foot tall sprinkler for the yard, right?!?! Big Mouth Inc. has some awesome oversized inflatable sprinklers that will not only cool off the kids, but get the neighbors talking! It’s $79 on Amazon, but we’ve found it for less at other places. Google will be your best friend to find the best price!


Kurio Watch 2.0
Kurio Watch 2.0

Kurio Watch 2.0: Let your kids get in on the smart watch action with Kurio! The watch can even take pictures to allow your child to document their summer adventures. It features fun games, a calender, alarm, reminders (time to do the chores!) and more! The watch bands are interchangeable, too!


Swim Mask summer favorites
Amloid Aqua Creatures Face Mask

These Aqua Creatures Swim Masks put the fun into pool time! The kids won’t hesitate to cover their eyes during their next dip in the pool with these cool masks! At $9.97 from Walmart, you can’t beat the price!

Amloid beach Basket summer favorites

NextWave Jumbo Beach Basket: Beach toys in a basket are pretty much a must. It’s easy for the kids to carry and pack up when they are all done playing! This basket is from Next Wave and can be found at Sam’s Club for $14.95. There are plenty of baskets just like this, covering all price ranges. We always make a deal with the kids…if you want to bring toys, you have to carry them yourself!



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