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August 27, 2018

SWAPtember: What you need to know!

By Laura Byrne

SWAPtember returns in 2018 Tuesday, September 4 through Sunday, September 30!

ZooTampa, The Florida Aquarium and MOSI are teaming up once again to give their members a chance to ‘swap’ memberships so they can experience what each attraction has to offer!

So what does this mean exactly?? If you are a member of the Zoo, you can get in for FREE at the Aquarium and MOSI during the month of September. Aquarium members get in for FREE at the Zoo and MOSI. MOSI members get in for FREE at ZooTampa and the Aquarium! Wowza!

This is a great time to test out another attraction to see if you maybe want to upgrade to an annual pass/membership. There are benefits to being members of each like special discounts on purchases and experiences.

Note: This benefit does not apply to the “Pay for a Day, Come Back all Year Free” tickets, but this is a great time to upgrade to a membership so you can take part in SWAPtember.

Here are 5 important details to know before you participate in SWAPtember:

  1. Swaptember does not cover the cost of parking at the Aquarium. Zoo parking is free.
  2. Members must have their Membership card or temporary paperwork and a photo ID to gain access to any of the Swaptember partners. If someone is not listed on the Aquarium or Zoo Tampa Membership, they will not receive free entry.
  3. A primary Member must be present when The Florida Aquarium membership is used to gain access to a SWAPtember partner.
  4. Guest Passes are not honored without a primary member present.
  5. SWAPtember partners do not offer discounts on food or beverages and there is no discount in the gift shop(s).

SWAPtember info pages: The Florida Aquarium   ZooTampa   MOSI

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