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July 10, 2017

American Dreamers: Tampa Bay’s Power Moms

By Tampa Bay Parenting

In the dictionary, ‘entrepreneur’ is defined as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” But there’s so much more to it. In order to  be successful at any venture, one must work hard, put in the hours and fully commit to the big picture, and if the stars are aligned  just right, you might make your dreams come true. Now let’s add a little spice to the mix and say that in addition to hustling your ideas, your products or your services, you are also in charge of delivering the most precious commodity this world  has to  offer.

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Let’s say it’s  also your  full-time  job to manage,  train, feed  and look after other human beings who may someday discover the cure for cancer or run a country. You’re a parent. You  have to balance your passion for success with your most important role in life, and this is truly a dance that takes much skill to master.

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Many women here in Tampa and beyond are part of this elite force; they are a special breed  and  they pave the way for business owners who are also parents. They wake up early and stay up late, making strides and sacrifices most people would be unequipped to make. They move through each day knowing that there are little eyes watching their every move—and they MUST succeed. We should acknowledge and  celebrate these folks. They hold tight to the promise that in America we can be whoever we want to be, we can do whatever we want to do, we can succeed or fail and get back up and try again! They are the American Dreamers!

‘Girlfriends Portrait Experience’ by Theresa NeSmith Photography and Michelle Bremer of Runway Translator and fashioned by Lending Luxury.

Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C
Owner/Founder of U South Tampa
Creighton (11), Asher (9), Edan (6)

Natasha Bernard 
Award-winning blogger and chief creative officer at Fashionably Fabulous 
Kristian (7)

Irina Bilka
Owner of Irina Bilka Hair and Makeup
Sebastian (8)


Desiree Noisette
CEO and Creative Director of Cerulean Blu 
AJ (3), Emmett (5 months)


Elena Bensonoff, CRPh, Owner of Wholistic Inc, Orali Perfume
Sasha (19), Andrew (16), Mark (14), Sophia (12)

Sayh Davis, Owner of Sweet Southern Chic
Cameron (19)





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