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March 8, 2018

NEW Water Slide at Adventure Island: Vanish Point

By Laura Byrne

Get ready for a thrill ride like no other–step inside one of two skyboxes of the new Vanish Point water slide at Adventure Island and hear the sound of a heart beat pulsing above you as you anticipate the 80 degree angle, 20-foot drop down! Thumbs up and you are ready for the countdown to slide down the 425 foot looped path all the way down to the bottom.

Fun Fact: Vanish Point’s twists and turns were inspired by the crest of a wave!

If you’d rather avoid the drop, take a few steps to your left and go for a slide down the 455 foot long slide that’s equally as thrilling–without the sudden drop.

The new addition to Tampa Bay’s favorite water park opens to the public on Friday, March 9th when the entire attraction opens for the summer season.

We asked Ralf from our team to give it a test run. He hasn’t been on a water slide in about 20 years, but he took the bait and went for it!

Did he like it? He loved it! And would even do it again!

There are a few requirements–you’ll need to make the 70 foot high hike up the stairs to the top and be at least 43 inches tall.



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