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April 24, 2017

Online Learning: What is Hillsborough Virtual School?

By Tampa Bay Parenting

Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) is the K-12 virtual program for Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). HVS serves students throughout the district at all grade levels. It offers core academics for elementary students and more than 100 middle and high school courses, including regular and honors, along with 15 AP courses.  HVS’s school grade is an A for the 2016-17 school year.

HVS is a franchise of FLVS which means students log in to an FLVS account to access their coursework and use the same virtual platform as FLVS students. HVS students follow the same district calendar as friends and neighbors and are taught by a Hillsborough County School District teacher who is familiar with district policies and procedures.  The grade earned for your online course is automatically entered into the district system upon completion.

At the elementary level, students follow the same course guidelines as all other students in Hillsborough County Schools. Elementary coursework is built and delivered via virtual platform utilizing district provided curriculum, and additional online resources.


Full-time students take all courses with HVS at home. Students are considered HCPS students and must participate in all state mandated testing, and can take advantage of field trip opportunities at all levels also.

Enrollment for the full-time program opens prior to the start of the school year in August, and again before second semester in January. Families can apply for August enrollment starting April 4th. The online application can be found on our website http://virtual.mysdhc.org


Students can co-enroll with HVS at their school and take one or more virtual courses. These courses can be a part of their school schedule or taken above and beyond their school day. The school counselor at your student’s school will approve all course requests. For Home Education students who would like to co-enroll with HVS, the online courses are used for, or in conjunction with, the chosen program of study.

Elementary Gifted 

HVS partners with the school district to provide online gifted education services at some schools. Students access their gifted course while at school during the day.

HVS offers students a variety of options as they continue on the path to graduation. Virtual classes allow students to pursue academic courses anytime as they prepare for life. For more information, visit:

Website: http://virtual.mysdhc.org 


Twitter: @hvsonline

Instagram: @hillsboroughvirtualschool

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