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April 1, 2020

Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Goes Virtual Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

By Laura Byrne

Virtual pinwheel garden aims to raise awareness about the prevention of child abuse. 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and one of the most noticeable annual campaigns to help spread awareness is the pinwheel garden.

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While the coronavirus is keeping us safer at home for now, there are ways your family can keep up this tradition at home.

Mary Lee’s House in Tampa has launched a social media campaign for the entire community! You and your family can add to the virtual pinwheel garden throughout April during the #PinwheelPopUp!

Here are 3 easy ways to post a pinwheel to the virtual pinwheel garden:

  1. Find a pinwheel picture online and post it.
  2. Make your own origami pinwheel, photo it, and post it! Mary Lee’s House has a how-to here.
  3. Download and color a printable pinwheel, take a picture of it and post it! You can download a free printable here. 

Use the hashtags: #PinwheelPopUp #MaryLeesHouse #ChildAbusePrevention

No matter what way you choose, be sure to use the hashtags and tag us so your pinwheel can have the chance to be featured on Mary Lee’s House social media!

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