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November 29, 2019

12 Awesome Ways to Experience ZooTampa this Holiday Season in Tampa Bay

By Alison Kampmann ZooTampa Director of Brand Management and mom of twins

It’s a Christmas classic with a WILD spin a al ZooTampa! Get ready to sing along for a holiday season jam packed full of family-friendly fun in Tampa Bay!

On The Twelve Days of Christmas My ZOO Love Gave To Me 

Twelve Manatee Patients Swimming

  • Visit our manatee critical care center and watch our dedicated animal care and veterinary team tend to these gentle sea cows with the goal of releasing them back into Florida waters.  

ZooTampa things to do

Eleven Macaws Flying

  • Enjoy the new Macaw Flyover presented by Spirit Airlines, an immersive experience with our amazing flock of colorful ambassadors that will not only delight but also educate and inspire everyone to be smarter consumers and support the rainforest alliance. 

Ten Puerto Rican Crested Toads Leaping

  • Learn about how we work with the Species Survival Plan to breed and release this important critically endangered species back into its natural habitat.   

Nine Orangutans Swinging

  • Come watch our impressive family of Bornean Orangutans climb and play! This critically endangered species is experiencing habitat loss due to the palm oil trade – and you can help by shopping wisely for ethically sourced products.   

Eight African Painted Dogs A-Hunting

  • Come and see our colorful pups as they run and showcase their magnificent hunting skills  

Seven Southern White Rhinos Crashin

  • If a group of wolves is a “pack” and zebras are a “herd,” then what are rhinos?  A “crash!”  Pretty cool, don’t you think?  Come meet our crash of Southern white rhinos in the Africa realm and find out more about the important work we do to help save this species from extinction. 

Six Signature Encounters

  • Feed an Indian rhino, get up-close to adorable koalas, meet a penguin, and much more!   

Five Cownose Rays

  • Did you know that you can feed stingrays at Stingray Bay located in the Florida realm?  Don’t worry, they don’t have teeth!  $5 per feeding. 

Four Clouded Leopards

  • Clouded leopards are not only beautiful, but did you know that they also have the longest canine teeth in relation to body size of any wild cat? You can find these beautiful animals in the Asia realm.  

A Three-Story Splashdown 

  • Our newest attraction, Roaring Springs Presented by Pinch A Penny is a wild family water adventure sure to thrill the whole family!   

Two Panther Kittens

  • What’s better than one Florida Panther kitten? Two! ZooTampa is caring for these adorable rescued orphans, so come see them before they lose their spots! 

ZooTampa Koalas

And A Koala Joey in a Eucalyptus Tree!

  • Sydney, the Zoo’s first Koala joey can be found clinging to her mom in Wallaroo!  This is an exciting win for conservation because Koalas are facing extinction in their native Australia due to habitat loss and hunting.   

There’s always so much to see and do at the Zoo, so the very best way to experience all the exciting adventures is with an annual membership! For only $189, your whole family PLUS a guest can enjoy a WILD year with unlimited admission and discounts on dining, shopping, and Up-Close Signature Encounters.   

So give the gift that keeps on giving…both to your family and animals!  Learn more at ZooTampa.org/Membership 

About the Author:  Alison Kampmann is a Tampa Bay native and graduate of Saint Leo University. Shes lived in NYC and Nashville, but moved back to Tampa after having twins in order to raise her family here.  Having worked for experiential and advertising agencies on major beverage brands, in hospitality and tourism, and in book publishing, she considers working for ZooTampa is her dream job because it brings together her passion for marking with her love for animals, conservation, and the city of Tampa. 

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