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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Mona Amin, D.O., FAAP

Physician at Pediatric Associates.

Ask the Doctor: How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Children

Does your baby or toddler only want you and always cry when you leave? Though this can be hard on parents, it’s a very...

When To Be Concerned If Your Child Is “Always” Sick?

Let me start with this disclaimer: I don’t love using the term “always” and “never”. These absolutes can make things stressful or make us...

Parenting During the Pandemic

In the last four weeks, more kids have tested positive for COVID-19 than in the entire pandemic combined. The Omicron variant is surging throughout...

COVID Testing and Kids: When is it necessary and which test is best?

We are nearly two years into this pandemic and it’s important to know when to get your child tested for COVID-19. Testing is important to...

Preparing for a Safe Return to School

A few months ago, we had hoped that kids could return back to school in different times than last year. Things seemed to be...