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Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Whoa, BABY! Newsroom Baby Boom at WTSP 10 News

It’s not uncommon to have a co-worker announce a pregnancy, but it might be a little less often that you have multiple people in the same office simultaneously expecting new bundles of joy! At WTSP 10 News, something must have been in the water because our local CBS affiliate has experienced a baby boom!

We recently met up with the new parents to find out who they’re navigating parenting on a busy news schedule and what they love most about parenting in Tampa Bay.


Courtney Robinson | Early Evening News Anchor:

Baby’s Name: Vincent Robinson Shellgren
Nickname: Vince
Date of Birth: Dec. 3, 2018
Hospital: St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital
Spouse: Brad
Sister: Harper, 3

What’s your new baby like?
Vincent is my little man! He’s super snuggly, very alert and is constantly smiling. A lot of those smiles go to big sister. He adores her.

What’s your favorite thing to do/ part of your day?
It’s not always my favorite thing, but I really enjoy our time together when he’s nursing. It’s special and time for just the two of us.

Biggest challenge or surprise?
Getting out of the house and to work with two!

How do you manage your work schedule?
I’m still trying to find the best routine. It feels like a fire drill. Suggestions welcome! My husband and I work together to organize the night before, so my morning isn’t super crazy. As all moms know, inevitably yogurt gets spilled everywhere or there’s a blowout on the way out the door. Thank goodness the dog is easy!

What do you like about being able to raise your child in Tampa Bay?
The people. We have the most incredible friends and so do our children. It makes all the difference. Tampa is a big city, but it also has that wonderful small-town vibe.

Favorite spot in TB you love to go as a family?
Checking out all our great parks!

#1 parenting tip?
I’m no parenting expert! Being surrounded by a great tribe of other moms is the best thing you can do. You’re reminded you aren’t alone, the questions you have are totally normal and you’ve got this!



Rob Finnerty | News Anchor for 10 News Brightside

Baby Name: Ryland James
Nickname:  RooRoo (or “Smiley”)
Date of Birth: October 2018
Hospital: St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital
Spouse:  Erica
Big Sister: Blakely (aka BooBoo) 2.5 years old

What’s your new baby like?
Ryland is such a good little boy, already sleeping through the night, Erica calls him “Smiley” because he is always smiling. He’s obsessed with his big sister! He can’t take his eyes off her and he’s curious about everything she is doing!

What’s your favorite thing to do/ part of your day?
We love being outside, and we try to go for a walk together almost every day around our neighborhood.

Biggest challenge or surprise?
I think my wife and I were so in love with our daughter that we didn’t know if our hearts had enough love for another baby. But Ryland was born, and that love just repeats itself all over again.

How do you manage your work schedule?
We have to be really disciplined with our schedule. Dinner during the week usually happens before 5 p.m., We have tubby time and Erica and I divide and conquer reading to the kids and getting them down, and it’s lights out by 7 p.m.!

What do you like about being able to raise your child in Tampa Bay?
The weather, the people and the endless number of things to do as a family in the Bay Area.

Favorite spot in TB you love to go as a family?
No question about it: the Beach!

#1 parenting tip?
Life is a balancing act and there is nothing wrong with having your child adapt to your schedule and routine. Remember to always make time for yourself and your partner.



Jennifer Titus | Investigative Reporter:

Babyʼs name: Maris Abraham Titus
Date of birth: Jan. 30, 2019
Hospital: Mease Countryside Hospital
Husband: Matthew Titus
Big Brother: Mauer Titus, age 3

What is your new baby like?
Perfect at only a week old! He’s a pound and half bigger than his brother was, weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces. He is eating and sleeping great.

Whatʼs your favorite thing to do/ part of your day with your baby?
The snuggles after a good bottle!

Whatʼs been the biggest challenge or surprise?
Being he’s our 2nd, no big surprises yet. I think having an older sibling, we are trying to make sure both feel equally special.

How do you manage your work schedule with the new baby?
I am still on maternity leave. But when I get back to work, I do work full time. Maris will be in daycare where his older brother attends. I have an amazing husband that takes care of pick up and dinner if I am running late at work!

What do you like about being able to raise your child in Tampa Bay? 
Tampa Bay is my hometown! I was born and raised in Bradenton. Not many people in this business can say they are able to raise their child where they were raised, so that’s so special. Most of my family is still here and being able to share my childhood memories with my children now is everything.

Share a favorite spot in Tampa Bay that you love to go as a family:
The beach! It’s the reason why we live here, right? From Clearwater Beach to Anna Maria, we make sure to find time to go since I think if you don’t plan for it, you just don’t go. We go right when the babies wake up, so we’re out the door by 8 or 8:30, at the beach by 9. You miss all the traffic and when you’re ready to go at 11 or 11:30, there’s no traffic heading home and you’re back to put your kids down for their afternoon nap!

#1 parenting tip:
Routine. Routine. ROUTINE. We did this for Mauer and Maris is already on one. By 8 p.m., we are bathing him, giving him a bottle and laying him in his crib with lights out so he knows that’s bedtime.

Liz Crawford, Reporter and Grant Gilmore, 10 News Brightside Meteorologist (Yup, they’re married!)

Baby Name: Finley Grace Gilmore
Nickname: Fins, Fin
Date of Birth: Sept. 11, 2018
Hospital: Bayfront Baby Place, St. Pete

What’s your new baby like?
Expressive, happy, curious and silly!

What’s your favorite thing to do/ part of your day?
Finley has totally rocked our world! She is the new center of our lives. Coming home to her is easily the best part of the day. Grant gets more time with Finley during the week and they especially love taking afternoon walks that often  turn into afternoon naps.

Biggest challenge or surprise?
Our little girl wants our undivided attention!  That means hands-on play-time, eye contact and lots of snuggles. It’s forced us to lose the phones and put off the housework—a brand new beautiful struggle.

How do you manage your work schedule?
Fortunately, Grant is home in the afternoon, so he gets a lot of quality time with Finley. I’m there with Finley for those precious morning smiles  when she wakes up and put her to bed every night.

What do you like about being able to raise your child in Tampa Bay?
The weather allows for year-round outdoor  fun and there are endless options for family activities.

Favorite spot in Tampa Bay you love to go as a family?
North Shore Park in St. Petersburg. We take family walks there along the water almost every weekend.

#1 parenting tip?
In our six  months as parents, we’ve learned to trust our judgement. With so many parenting  opinions out there, it’s important to  trust our instincts  and be confident in our family  choices.


It wasn’t just on-air team members welcoming new bundles of JOY! WTSP Photojournalist Chad Cromwell  and his wife Nicole Grigg, a reporter at WFTS, welcomed a new baby to their family last summer!



Morning executive producer Dale Greenstein and his wife also recently welcomed a new baby boy! Congratulations to all!

More from our photoshoot with the new parents!












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