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Back-to-School Preparations? Don’t Forget To Have “The Talk!”

The new school year is quickly approaching with the start of many new beginnings for children and teens. It is the day where you see your kids’ transition from children to teens with a whole new world ahead of them. It is the day your teen becomes a senior with college, prom, and SAT on their minds. But, it is also the day you will be worrying just a bit more about your children and teens making the right decisions.

Parents usually get their kids excited for the first day of school with new clothes and back-to-school accessories. For many, it is the day to show off their new supplies. However, many parents forget to have that talk about drugs and alcohol prevention to their children and teens before heading back to school. Just a conversation with them can help prevent drug and alcohol use.

Kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use than those who don’t. Parents can make a difference, and many don’t realize the amount of impact they have on their kids.

Prepare to start talking to your kids about drug and alcohol use not just for the first back-to-school day, but every time after that. You are the biggest influence on them, and even though you may not believe it they do listen to you.

Here’s a few tips to prevent substance abuse among your children and teens this school year:

  • Speak to your children and teens about prescription medicines and the effects of them. Illegal drugs are not the only threat to them.
  • Teach your child and teen that it is okay to say no to using drugs and alcohol. It is actually a great thing to do.
  • Provide an open and safe environment for your children and teens to be able to talk to you. Don’t ignore them; instead listen to them.
  • Encourage your children and teens to ask questions about drugs and alcohol abuse. The more knowledge they have will help them make the right decisions.
  • Monitor your kids and teens. Be a parent and set boundaries for them.
  • Most of all, BE THE ROLE MODEL and get involved their lives.

Continue to be there for your child this new school year. Let this school year be a fun and great one full of learning and making the right choices. So, guide them down the right path. It just takes one small talk to begin.

For more information about drug-free parenting advice, visit LiveFree! at

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