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Back to School: What’s in your bag, Madison?

Meet Madison Harrison, the owner of Photos with Madison and our former cover kid winner! Cool fact: The kidpreneuer has photographed President Obama and Oprah! As we all prepare for a new school year, we asked her to share her must haves for back to school!


Madison Harrison: As a kidpreneuer and homeschooled student, what’s in my bag changes depending on where I go and what I do.

I haven’t always been homeschooled. In fact, it was only last year at the beginning of fourth grade that my parents decided it was the best option for me. I love to learn, so my mom and I school all year round. Learning is fun and every experience is different. My favorite subjects are history and science.

I love to do research, I am always experimenting, and I love to read. I also LOVE to write! It doesn’t matter if I am going to a photoshoot for a client or if I am writing an article or a story, I ALWAYS have a notebook, a Vera Bradley journal, mechanical pencils and erasers with me no matter what!

I prefer mechanical pencils over regular pencils, and as far as my erasers go, the more interesting the better.

Since I school year-round, we shop for school supplies often, depending on where our learning experience takes us. However, colorful binders and water containers are a staple for me!

As you do your back to school shopping, I encourage you to pick up a small pocket notebook as well. You never know when you’ll want to write down a really inspiring quote you’ve read, an interesting fact you’ve learned or a really cool idea that you don’t want to forget!

Madison’s favorite back-to-school items.

Madison says she picked up these great pencils, erasers and pencil case at Target! 

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