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Behind the Scenes: January Cover Shoot with Tampa Bay Lightning

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot for our covers? We have your behind-the-scenes sneak peek here.

January was one of our favorite covers yet. Not only did we get to photograph an adorable brother-sister duo, Isabella and Jackson B., but we also got to spend a little time on the ice where Tampa Bay Lightning plays. Jeanine McLeod of Cloud 9 Studios was our photographer on this fabulous photo shoot. Like most people in Florida, we are Lightning super-fans. You can usually spot our photographer, Jeanine, with a lightning bolt painted on her cheeks on game days and lucky Bolts gear, so this was an especially exciting shoot for us.










When we first arrived, we were all shivering with excitement to be where our favorite teams plays. The arena is huge, and it seems overwhelming when you look up at the screens that hang over the ice.










Our first location to shoot on the ice was next to one of the goal posts. In our suction-cupped-booties, we felt like we were walking on sacred ground.










Our photographer, Jeanine, and director of sales and events, David, took a moment to scope out what angles would be best for the shot.










Cover kid Jackson held his dad, Eric’s hand as we made our way onto the ice. Both Jackson and Isabella are huge hockey fans, so this was as exciting for them as it was for us.










The view from the ice was even more intimidating than being on the sidelines.










Here, we see the same view that the players see when they skate onto the ice.










By this point, I am sure you are thinking “Enough already! Stop being excited over being in the same place where the best team ever plays! We want to see the photo shoot and how that happens!” Well, you are in luck. Here, we see Jackson and Isabella being escorted by their dad onto the ice.











Jackson and Isabella were pros at posing.











































After some great shots by the goal post, we moved the shoot further into the ice where Jackson and Isabella got to see what it feels like to hold a puck and hockey sticks.











Photographer Jeanine got some amazing shots of these cuties, including this shot like the one that ended up on our cover.










Photos like this one were perfect for our cover, and Jackson and Isabella had some adorable sibling moments.










The kids practiced their game faces on the ice.










Isabella loves her big brother. He is ready to play hockey, though, and has no time for hugs.


























Our last place to shoot was in the center of the ice.










For our last shot, the kids got to see some real Lightning gear, including gloves and puck.










That’s a wrap! For more behind the scenes photos, visit and check us out on Periscope!

You can also join the Thunderbug Kids Club and get deals on tickets, participate in fun activities, and get involved in fun events.









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