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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Being Submerged with Painting with a Twist

Anyone can be an artist at Painting with a Twist. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or beginner as long as you have fun.

A few weeks ago I decided to go solo to my first class in Tampa in hopes of finding something fun to do that wasn’t very costly. After doing some research I found out that Painting with a Twist is the nation’s largest paint-and-sip franchise and was ranked as the number one paint and sip studio as part of the 2015 Entrepreneur magazine annual Franchise 500. I decided to take the class in hopes of gaining a new hobby and for $25 for a two hour class is a price you can’t beat.

At first sight the studio was definitely more high tech then I expected-with two Televisions linked up to cameras facing the front of the studio to a stage where the art instructor taught from. For somebody like myself with terrible vision, I found out later this display made it a lot easier for me to see the steps the instructor was showing.

After walking a few steps one of the instructors Sandi Ragg, a friendly retired art teacher and painter with glasses, made sure I was properly prepared with a smock, paint, brushes and a blank canvas. Sandi introduced me to one of the members sitting at my table Mary a funny and kind mother of several kids who was eager to introduce me to her group of social moms. For most moms it can be hard to get out of the house and have a girl’s night but for Mary and her friends they found the time.

Sandi assisted each aspiring painter as they entered the door, helping them trace the outline the instructors made of the tiger fish, which later on made painting around the fishes so much easier. Minutes later when everyone was uncorked and situated our instructor Clara Wiersma the Studio Manager started our session.

Armed with paintbrushes and smocks it was time to release our inner Van Gogh. As an optimistic young twenty year old who was about to start on a new journey I thought to myself: how hard can painting really be? First we started with the background. Clara said “I’m going to warn all of you, you are going to get an arm workout from this class.” Boy was she not joking! After applying a few blue blended with black and purple in the matter of minutes, as sad as it sounds, my arms were feeling like jello as she had us paint like mad artists rushing to complete our masterpieces.

Another mom that sat next to me named Rebecca had similar like me. We both found ourselves constantly tweaking our paintings during breaks making us look like perfectionists, when in reality I was just trying to catch up. I also wanted to make sure my fish wasn’t glowing as our instructor told us to be aware of. You might be wondering what a glowing fish is. Well it basically is a fish that stands out because the surrounding area around the fish is lighter than the rest of the fish, almost making him look God-like with a beam of lighter water surrounding him.

As the class continued the mothers surrounding me chatted while drinking their favorite wine and started getting slightly twisted. While discussing their children’s accomplishments and how happy they were to have a girl’s night each continued to get indulged into their work.

Clara announced that it was time to put down our brushes once again. But when she wasn’t looking I snuck I filled in a few blank spots I saw on my canvas. When it came time to start painting a few other classmates and myself found our artwork was still too wet to paint over the blank definition we were supposed to draw onto our fish. So our instructor had us use hairdryers to try and get the paint to dry faster we were able to add orange onto the surrounding areas of our fish.

Two hours later our pieces were complete! The best part of the class for we was finding a new hobby that I actually really enjoyed plus I won a free prize for winning the tails vs heads competition. To plan your next girls night or date night click the events calendar. Painting with a twist also offers family fun days once a month for ages 7 and above. The next one is on March 31 from 1 to 3 pm.

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