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Best Apps for Busy Moms

As a mom it can be hard to remember all the items on the grocery list or to find the time to come up with new recipes. Moms are expected to cook, clean, stay fit, and look stylish but let’s admit it who has time to keep up with all these tasks in one day. Here are some apps to make motherhood easier for no matter what stage you are in.


Shopping and Style Apps

Grocery Gadget simplifies shopping by helping you save time and money at the grocery store. This app allows you to share items so your spouse won’t pick up the wrong size diapers or the wrong type of conditioner at the store again. If you are typing to save money the Grocery Gadget app compares grocery items at 28 participating chains to help you find the best price. The app also has e-coupons for the items you want to buy so you don’t have to deal with forgetting coupons at home.

Unsure on what to wear on a date or for a girls night out? Stylish Girl is a style planner and shopping app that revolves around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you want to have. So if your in a rush or stuck staying at work late the Stylish Girl app makes it easier for you to plan your outfits even if you aren’t home. The app also allows you to separate your outfits by categories including work, church, and going out.

RetailMeNot offers coupons for almost everything from clothing, accessories, furniture, automotive, electronics, and travel. It’s a great app for when your trying to shop on a budget or want to get deals from restaurants such as free appetizers.

Fitness Apps

Working a desk job can sometimes cause your muscles to ache. Yoga has been proven to improve posture and stress levels helping you feel more relaxed at work. This free app, Office YogaMD Lite provides both audio, and how to diagrams for exercises. There’s also a YogAlert system, which allows you to schedule reminders to practice your new skills.

Making time to workout can be hard but Daily Workouts Free app creates targeted exercises even for the busiest moms. Whether you only have 30 minutes to work out or 5 minutes, the app creates exercises based off of the area you want to focus on and the amount of time you have to workout.

Cooking Apps

iPhone Screenshot 1

It can be difficult to come up with and find good cooking recipes. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner allows you to search for any dinner you want whether you are on a diet or you are a vegetarian. Maybe you have a picky eater in the family. This free app allows you to choose the ingredients you want and those you don’t. Also, when you walk into select stores the app will suggest recipes for what items are on sale. There are over 1000 mobile friendly recipes with videos including step-by-step instructions.

Restaurant Apps 

If you don’t feel like cooking or don’t have time grubHub allows you to order food for the whole family. The site tells you which restaurants have take out and which ones deliver. Also you can view how long it will take for your food to be ready and there is a listing on how expensive the restaurants are along with ratings.

Mothering Apps

During the first few weeks, doctors will want you to keep track of how many times you feed your baby along with how many hours they sleep. This app also helps answer important questions you might have such as “When was my child’s last doctor visit?” or “How long has it been since I last breast feed my baby?” This app is called Total Baby and costs $4.99.

When you first have a baby you might have a lot of questions from how to settle a newborn baby to breast feeding to creating a sleep training schedule. My Baby Today app has tutorials, articles, and tips on baby health, care, and safety questions. The app also includes a calendar where you can keep track of and take photos of your babies development.

The Baby Monitor for IP Camera app is a free app that allows busy parents to watch, listen, and talk to their baby from any location. The application supports most wireless or wired IP camera and does not emit radio waves. When your baby is sleeping the app uses infrared night vision to keep an eye on your child when they are in low light or no light conditions. You can use the push-to-talk feature so you can talk to your baby if they are crying. The app also sends alarm notifications to you when the baby cries or there is a loud sound in the room helping you be aware even if you are in a different room.

iPad Screenshot 1

It’s never too late to think about saving for college. College Savings shows the projected cost of college in the future. This app can be useful for parents who are looking into the affordability of college. By adjusting the input, you can estimate the lump sum and regular monthly savings that is needed to cover the costs of your child’s desired college. This app costs $4.99 and can be found on itunes.

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