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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Best Excuses Kids Use

Being a parent is one of the hardest tasks: from getting the whole family up, fed, dressed and out the door in time for school. Sometimes kids forget to do homework, or they simply just want to stay home. When I was younger I remember chasing around my German Shepard-Lab mix trying to get her to sink her teeth into my homework, hoping she would shred it to pieces. My sad attempt ended in me tearing up my geography homework to make it look like she ate it. Face it, every once in awhile kids offer the most hilarious reasons as to why they want to stay home or they come up with the most insane reasons as to why they couldn’t do their homework. Here are our favorite reasons:

  1. When kids try to sound like adults and decide they need a day off too.
photo courtesy of Huffington Post

2. The famous my dog ate my homework excuse, we all have done it. After several failed attempts of chasing your dog around the house turns into you ripping up the paper and framing your dog.


3. The FBI confiscated it because they claimed it was vital evidence.

4. The aliens did it!

Photo courtesy of edutopia

5. When kids come down with some type of “Itis” where they are not capable of doing it.

Photo courtesy of edutopia

6. If all else fails whether your child is late or didn’t do their homework turn the note you write into a comical story. As this could make them think twice before ‘forgetting’ to do homework. One dad from Utah, Seth King, decided to make up the most up-surd reasons as to why his kids were tardy, as shown in the photo below.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

What are your favorite excuses you or your kids have used? Feel free to share the best reasons as to why your children didn’t do their homework in the comments below.

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