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Best of the Bay 2013

For parents, a quality school, whether it's for day care service or primary education, is a top priority. That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the right fir for your child. And if you're looking for after school ideas or tutoring help, we've got you covered here too!

An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

The concept of a one size fits all education is an outdated idea. Requiring everyone to excel at the same rate in classrooms defies the way in which people are wired to learn. Would we be so naive as to expect everyone in a tennis clinic to proceed at the same rate? Would we expect all students in a group piano class to excel at the same rate?

And Many Happy Returns

I know, I know. On some level, referring to the bringing up of children in economic terms can be seen as demeaning or way off point. But I really don’t mean it to be. Rather, I use the investing analogy to help prove the point that our deep goals for our children can be served best if we make intentional, purposeful choices when our children are young.

Burst Their Bubble

We live in wondrous days. Multitudes of information are available to us anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button. This is truly amazing. Yet, as always, this world-changing development has brought with it some unintended consequences.

Turning the Page

Reading is the foundation for learning and creating an at-home reading program is one of the best ways for parents to foster a lifelong love of learning. But it can be hard work to make children want to read, especially with television and video games as distractions.

Get on TOP of schoolwork

Things we love about fall — first projects, book reports and notebook checks! Not your child’s favorite activities? Well, let’s see if we can move these from the top of your most dreaded tasks. I believe that we first have to sell the benefits of managing time and materials more effectively to our kids. Many believe that they do not need to use a planner. Others just don’t know how or cannot manage their time well in class to get assignments written down. Explain how you use your planner and calendar. Cite examples of when things went well because you used your planner and when things went wrong because you didn’t use it well.

Amazing Grades

In today’s hyper-competitive college admissions environment being smart or talented may not be enough. That’s why it’s important that students have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be successful.

Annual School Physical

Parents, soon you will be rushing to buy clothes and school supplies. Then there’s your child’s annual school physical to consider. Is it really all that important? Your child has been running around all summer and, judging by his appetite and outgrown clothes, seems very healthy.

Back to School on a Dime

Back to school doesn’t have to break the bank. Now that my youngest is headed to kindergarten and my daughter is starting third grade, I, like many parents, have two lengthy supply lists to fulfill in the coming weeks.

Why Oh Why

As summer begins to slip away and the busy fall looms, I challenge all parents to spend the remaining weeks of summer embracing the beautiful, yet frustrating, “Why?” “Why does a tree grow standing up?” “Why does an airplane stay in the sky?” “Why is red red?” A child’s innate curiosity and wonder of how and why things work/are/exist is a quality that we must foster and challenge ourselves to embrace not squelch.

No Sliding Allowed

Parents line up summer camp but they should also plan for preventing the dreaded summer slide. The summer slide is the information and skills children forget during summer break. This education slide is well-documented. And while some people are aware of the learning loss, many aren’t aware that children tend to gain weight more rapidly when they’re out of school.

The Day After

In the spring of each year, my school has a luncheon for graduating seniors and their parents. When the time comes for some remarks, I share some words that, hopefully, amount to words of wisdom that the soon-to-be alumni can carry with them. Now I’m sharing the essence of those words with TBP readers and, hopefully, lots more graduates.