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All Crammed Out

It's May and that means high school students across the state have their sights set firmly on the beach, prom, and all kinds of summer plans. But before students are set free for the summer, they first must make it through an academic rite of passage — final exams.

The Good Struggle

As parents, we all want the very best for our children. We work hard to provide them with a future that’s better than our past. No parent wants to see their child experience pain or discomfort. So with the best of intentions, we frequently try to protect our children from the bumps and bruises that inevitably arise in life. Though this desire to shield our children is understandable, those bumps and bruises (and the pain they can cause) are actually positive contributors to each child’s eventual success.

Sky’s the Limit

As parents, we seek schools for our children that will best position them for a successful life’s journey. I believe that the best schools are those that present excellent academic programs (a given) as well as go beyond to provide each student a broad range of opportunities to create, serve, lead; and experience the rewards that come from active engagement in sports, performing arts and group activities. These rewards — lessons about effort, struggle, resilience, responsibility to others and self-understanding — help students understand and appreciate the strengths, weaknesses, viewpoints and abilities of others.

Will Your Child Be Ready for School?

The first five years are critical to a child’s lifelong development. Early experiences influence brain development, establishing the neural connections that provide the foundation for language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behavior, and emotional health – characteristics that often determine how well a child will do in school and in life.

A Storied Life

As parents we all hope to give our children the best and prepare them for all that this world may bring. One way to give them a significant leg up is to give them the gift of literacy. Literacy is the door to all knowledge. Once we learn to read, we are able to learn. Literacy begins with an environment rich in books, magazines, newspapers and filled with storytelling and communication. A great way to begin the literacy journey is to read aloud to children.

A Beautiful Break

Holidays are all about traditions. And traditions have power. They have power in the ways they connect us. And they have power in helping our children to learn, grow, and become better people.

A Campus That Fits

Is UF better than FSU? What about Georgia Tech or Amherst? Or Ohio State or Harvard? The answer is it depends. There are 2,000 to 3,000 four-year universities in the U.S. And the range of that mix is incredibly broad, perhaps...

Idle Mind Solutions

Of the many touted benefits of out-of-school programs, three results shine most consistently: kids have a safe, supervised place to spend free time; learning gets extended through playful practice and reinforcement; and parents can pursue gainful employment on a regular basis outside the home.

Producing Learners

Over the past 15 years there has been a revolution in the availability of information for billions around the world. The growth of the World Wide Web has placed immense amounts of human knowledge within the grasp of anyone with an internet connection, a computer or even a handheld device. you know those devices that are in our pockets and the pockets of our students.

Homework Wars

The new school year has begun and in millions of homes across the country so have the homework wars, those almost nightly battles between parents and children, between expectation and experience, between philosophy and reality.

Fuel for Thought

Now that the frenzy of preparing to send the kids back to school has ended, parents may be breathing a little easier.