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From Girl Scouts to Success

The clock strikes 3 a.m. and the ladies of the ABC Action News morning team are already at work. These women share more than an early morning schedule and a penchant for power suits, though. It’s the only news anchor team in the Tampa Bay area where all the women at the anchor desk are former Girl Scouts – Anchor Deiah Riley, Meteorologist Stephanie Roberts, Traffic Reporter Meredith Censullo and Multimedia Journalist Ashley Glass.

Extraordinary Woman: Patricia O’Leary

Driven to help children and their families succeed, Patricia O’Leary has been working to fulfill this calling for decades. For 10 years, she owned a Huntington Learning Center, an accredited school that offers remedial and enrichment services to students.

American History

I am not a big fan of Black History Month. Please don’t get me wrong — as a history teacher, I both love and value the powerful stories and great examples that are often highlighted as part of Black History Month each February. I’m not a fan because I dislike that the highlighting only lasts a month, and because I dislike the limiting practice of calling these important stories, contributions, and examples “Black” history.

Accepted – Now what

New beginnings can be thrilling and horrifying. The heart-racing excitement parents and college-bound kids feel just before the big send-off is often over-shadowed by an uncontrollable dread of the unknown.

A Stroke of Imagination

A child’s inspiration comes from many different places, so why shouldn’t it come from your walls. With so many options available for decorating, wallpapering and painting, there is no longer any excuse for plain white. No matter your budget or sense of design, your child’s bedroom or playroom can be transformed into a place where imagination can grow.

Brain Food

Signed into law in December by President Obama, the Hungry-Free Kids Act revamps food assistance programs that serve the nutritional needs of more than 25 million American school children.

Are You the Next Billy Elliot?

When the winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical was announced, the moment proved to be as joyful and exhilarating as it was historic. For the first time ever, the Tony Award was given to a trio of actors sharing the same role.