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Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor: The COVID vaccine and your 5 to 11 year-old child

The FDA recently approved Pfizer's two dose COVID vaccine for use in children ages 5-11 and we're already seeing the vaccine roll out locally...

Is your child addicted to social media? Here’s what you need to know.

Life is all about balance, right? It’s something we strive for in most parts of our lives, and it’s no different when it comes...

Your Teen and the COVID Vaccine: Expert panel at TGH answers common questions

After the Delta variant took a heavy toll throughout Tampa Bay and beyond, parents who were once hesitant about vaccinating their children ages 12 and older...

Your child has COVID-19… now what?

It can be scary when your child has symptoms of coronavirus. Fortunately, the majority of children with COVID-19 are able to manage symptoms and...

Ask the Experts: How to teach your child social skills

As parents, we all want our kids to behave. In a perfect world, kids would be good all the time and everywhere, but that’s a pretty tall order and doesn’t always happen. For most of us, if we have to pick between good behavior at home or good behavior in public, we’ll go for public every time.

Proper Sleep for Kids

Sleep is a time to rest and recharge, but some children may not get the restful sleep they need. Whether this is because of trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, a lack of rest can lead to a variety of other issues, including poor performance in school and behavior problems.