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Greater Coverage for Preventive Care Services

2011 marked an important health care milestone. Under the national health reform legislation known as the Affordable Care Act, health plans now offer members full coverage for a variety of preventive care services without having to pay a copayment or co-insurance or meet deductibles. Preventive care services, such as exams, screenings and immunizations, are a valuable step in your pursuit of health. Prevention is also the best way to avoid illness and save on health care costs. Here are just some of the important health services available to consumers at no additional cost.

New Beginnings

Every year many of us make New Years Resolutions. We make an effort to do the things we know we should do to live better, smarter or longer. We’ll pledge to loose weight. Or stop smoking. Or maybe we promise to find a better job or pay off the credit card bill.

Rest Assured

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is healthy, growing well and showing no signs of any problems that could interfere with her physical, mental, emotional, communicative and social development.

Fast Food Evolution

QuIck meals and snacks don't mean unhealthy options.

Fuel for Thought

Now that the frenzy of preparing to send the kids back to school has ended, parents may be breathing a little easier.

Deadly Heat

Hot fun in the summertime is a Florida tradition but it’s also a dangerous time for children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 465 U.S. children died from heat stroke from 1998-2009 after being left inside a car.

Be Your Family’s Health Advocate

Each day our bodies are being polluted with toxic chemicals and it happens when we least expect it — when we shampoo our hair, when we brush our teeth and even when we take medication intended to improve our health.

An Enhanced You

You may have noticed that with age and childbirth, your breasts have changed. Where they were once full and perky, they now may be saggy with a loss of volume, making you feel self-conscious. If this is the case, you are not alone and you can join the thousands of women every year who restore their youthful shape and position of their breasts with a surgical breast lift and breast augmentation.

Extraordinary Woman: Carolyn S. Hennecy

Carolyn Hennecy is a survivor and now the Lakeland native is helping other women, telling her story in Orange Blossom Wishes: Child Molested, Woman Abused – Her Victorious Journey to Freedom. The 2008 memoir, available at Barnes & Nobles and, takes readers through her childhood and a nearly 16-year marriage filled with emotional, verbal and physical abuse to her escape.

Brain Food

Signed into law in December by President Obama, the Hungry-Free Kids Act revamps food assistance programs that serve the nutritional needs of more than 25 million American school children.

Be a Better You Year-Round

Jan. 1 always seems like the right time to commit to new life changes and goals, but the New Year’s resolution ordeal often becomes a self-punishing ritual where we focus on our failures and shortcomings, beating ourselves up for not having achieved more. Here’s an idea for this year.

Bye, Bye Baby

It’s the moment every parent of a small child dreads: the good-bye. For parents of young children, it can be a gut-wrenching, heart wrenching, guilt-ridden moment full of tears, protests, and quick getaways.