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Maggie and the Moms

SUMMER FUN! Local moms team up to share family fun ideas

Ahhh, summer break— a chance for kids to sleep in, relax and enjoy life without the daily pressures of school. Until they get bored, which...

Maggie and the Moms: Watch the Full Episodes

Maggie and the Moms: June 7, 2021: Maggie and the Moms debate a Manhattan private school’s decision to show a controvesial sex-ed video to first...

Maggie and the Moms: Tampa Bay moms talk “all things parenting” on TV

“It’s time for Maggie and the Moms, where we celebrate, but never sugarcoat parenting.” The ten minutes that follow those words every Monday on “Daytime”...

Writing a New Chapter with Maggie Rodriguez

Maggie Rodriguez is someone you might have come to know over the years as the former co-host of CBS This Morning and other national...

The Family’s Anchor: Life after TV News is Beautiful for Maggie Rodriguez

Before becoming a mother, I envisioned easily leaving my children at daycare so that I could be an out-of-the-house, full-time-working mom. After bearing children,...