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Center Stage: 3 tips on how to stage your home

Local interior designer shares tips to stage your home to sell.

Spring began the wave of buying and selling homes across the nation, and by summer, it is in full swing, and with it comes a homeowner dilemma: How to “stage” a home to sell.  It can be difficult for the homeowners to stage their own home as they have an emotional attachment to every article within the home. They’ve also lived with it looking the way it does for (most likely) quite a while, and don’t usually see anything wrong with it. When staging your home, if you choose to do so yourself, keep in mind a few things: Declutter, create flow, and create an atmosphere.  


First, declutter. Do it once, then do it again. Have a friend come over for a walkthrough and note anything remaining that needs to be cleared out. Prospective buyers do not want to see personal photos on the walls, or your eclectic menagerie of figurines. They want to see clean countertops so that they can envision their own items in the home. If you have a beautiful piece of art, keep it up. As for that large family portrait over the fireplace, better to swap it for a simple framed landscape.  


Next, create flow. Remove any non-necessary furniture from the room. Children’s chairs, extra side tables, and even accent chairs should be stored. Make sure it is easy for prospective buyers to walk through your space without being uncomfortable. Bedrooms should be kept simple with a bed, nightstands and a single dresser (long, preferably). If you need to store some of your furniture while you show your home, rent a POD and have them store it at one of their locations.  


Finally, create an atmosphere. Prior to a showing, take out the trash (especially diaper cans), light a candle or use a diffuser with essential oils and vacuum the house. No one wants to walk into a house that smells of last night’s dinner and has dustballs rolling across the wood floors. It makes a potential buyer wonder what else you don’t take care of within the home.   

Good luck, and remember these tips will help the buyer feel “at home” when they walk through the door, which is exactly what you are hoping to do.


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