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Children’s Consignment: 5 Tips to Make Your Closet Purge Work for You!

Consign Like a Pro: How to Get the Most Out of Your Post-Summer Closet Purge! 

Tampa Bay Children's Consignment Tips from a Pro

Kids are back to school so now is the perfect time to do a fall purge!  Since the kids are in school, you can make some money by using a consignment store to sell your kid’s clothing and toys, and do an early fall cleaning the before the holidays arrive. 

Step One: Try to do a toy and clothing purge with the kids out of the house. If they are in school then it’s the perfect time to do it. If not, then send them out with a family member for a couple of hours while you purge the toys. Then, load the cast-off toys into the car and drive straight to the consignment store because if the kids see the toys, they will want them back even if they haven’t played with them for six months or so. They don’t really care about the clothing as much, but sometimes it’s easier to do it while they are not there. 

If this strategy isn’t your cup of tea, then have the kids help on the weekend. I get the kids to buy into the idea that we need to make room for back to school clothing and before they know it, toys from Santa and family! The kids could even go with you to the consignment shop to open up an account – it could turn into a great lesson about earning and saving money. 

Step 2: Take inventory of what your kids really play with. The years of 2-4 are a big jump developmentally and that means for toys too; what they played with when they are 2 needs to go if they are 4 now.  If getting rid of old toys is a little too sentimental for mommy (this was my issue) maybe put the husband on this project. Remind him you are taking the toys to the consignment store to earn money. Cha-Ching! 

Tampa Bay Children's Consignment Tips from a ProStep 3: When taking the toys to the consignment store, make sure you have all the pieces and the toy works. If the toy has been kept outside or on a porch, take a moment to wipe it down with a cleaning wipe. Remember the better the clothing and toys look, the more money you will make, so giving the toy and clothing a little extra TLC before dropping them off can increase your profit.   

Step 4: During the purge, make a box for charity so you can make this drop off at the same time. There are so many local charities that accept toys. You can have the little ones help you pick one out.  

Step 5: Check with your local consignment shop because they tend to have different rules and policies. For instance, some shops don’t accept stuffed animals, puzzles over 100 pieces, or electronic items greater than 5 years old. Also confirm when they accept items and what they are currently looking for. 

This little bit of work at home will make your consignment experience very pleasurable and can make you some extra cash this fall! 

 Tampa Bay Children's Consignment Tips from a Pro

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