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Wardrobe Refresh: Tips to purge your family’s closets and even earn cash!

As we head into a new year, many of us may be looking for a wardrobe refresh for ourselves and even our kids. A new year is not only a good time to edit your closet to make room for the new items you received or purchased over the holidays, but also to help reduce the clothing clutter!

Our Beauty & Style contributor Michelle Bremer is a Tampa Bay area fashion expert and founder of, so we asked her to share easy tips to help you and the family make the closet edit and possibly even earn some cash for your unwanted items! She even recently shared these tips on WFLA with news anchor Stacie Schaible during our weekly segment on First at 4.

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Q: What are the items we should be KEEPING in our closets and our children’s closets?

Michelle: Each of us have unique lifestyles and our staple wardrobe pieces should reflect that. Depending upon how you spend your time, what you do for work, where you socialize with friends and family… our personal style should be customized to the form and function of our own lives. This holds true for children as well. If I had to recommend a few staple pieces for Floridians, living here in this beautiful tropical climate, I’d suggest a comfortable, well-fitting pair of shorts and a dry-fit polo with a fabulous pair of sneakers.

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Q: Where are your favorite places in Tampa Bay to donate clothing items? 

Michelle: I donate all of my professional interview appropriate pieces to Dress for Success Tampa Bay because they help women look their best while searching for employment. For my husband’s and children’s cast-offs I usually donate to my local Salvation Army… it’s convenient and I know they provide a lot of local jobs as well.

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Q. Any tips on trying to cash in on unwanted clothes? 

Michelle: There are several options for turning your once-loved pieces into profit. You can drop-off your load at a local consignment shop where they will keep what they can sell, give you back the rest, then split the profits with you if they move your goods. This is the maximum convenience, minimum profit model. I recommend SweetPea for children’s clothing and Fresh Threads or Repeat Performance for adults. On the other end of the spectrum, you can call upon your inner entrepreneur and set up your own online store through a site like eBay. This takes a lot of time and energy, but cutting out the middle man can yield more profits.

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