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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Daddys Tummy

December 23rd my husband woke up complaining of a really bad pain in his abdomen. I asked him if he wanted me to take him to the ER since he didnt look so well. I thought to my self its nothing big he will be out of there before 1:00pm, so I can go last minute christmas shopping with my Daughter. He siad yes to take him to the ER and before I could finish getting my 3 year old daughter dressed and my self dressed he was already on his way to the hospital. the pain was to bad he said to wait for us to get ready. As I pull into the hospital ER driveway I see his care in the middle on the way with no one indside, he had just pulled up and ran out of his car, they took him right in! As I walk through the doors of the ER the man at the desk tells me, your husband is not well and we took him right back, your daughter shouldnt see him, he is shacking and vomiting and its not good for her to see him like that. So as I wait in the ER waiting room with my 3 year old Jazzy, she asked me mommy is daddy ok? I said yeah his tummy hurts and she tells me ok the docter will make him feel better right mommy I said yes hunny. after hours of waiting they tell me that he needs to be admitted to the Hospital he has a bad case of Pancreatitis. Well turns out I never finished my Christmas shopping and we spent Christmas and Newyears in the Hospital for 3 weeks almost 4. My daughter was so confused and didnt know why her daddy had a new room as she called it. She was also confused as to why we were now staying and sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa. She would cry at night and say she wanted to go home and be with Daddy. She also didnt understand why daddy coulndt come home when we went to cisit him in the hospital. All the nurses began to know Jazzy and her daddy very well. She would ask her daddy if she could kiss his stomach and make it feel better. Santa came late for Jazzy this year and the Christmas tree was dead by the time daddy came home. Newyears was spent in the hospital room as we counted down not very cheerfully as we didnt know what the newyear was going to bring us this year. since we had been in the hospital that long and never got an answer as to when he was going to be able to go home it was not a very cheery new Year to say the least. Day by Day Jazzy would cry and wait for me to get home late from the Hospital after visiting her daddy all day,when I would get to my parents house late night she would try to stay up to see me before bed and we would pray for daddy to come home and for Jesus to make daddy feel better. she would come with me some days but I would try to drop her off at my parents to eat and bathe. It was a very hard time for us and for our little Jazzy, we are now starting to get back to our normal lives as Daddy recovers. Jazzy still askes Daddy if she can kiss his tummy to make him feel better. While daddy was in the Hospital he did not get paid and has put our family in financial hardship, we have a huge hospital bill and our bills are backed up. This is why I feel we are in NEED of a much needed Adventure!

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