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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Simpsons GIFs: A Day At The Beach

A day at the beach connotes images of sunbathing on the sand, reclining with a good book under the oversized beach umbrella, sensually flipping your hair in the gentle tide as the lifeguard looks your way for “sharks.” But nobody said anything about a day at the beach . . . with kids. With those two little words, sunbathing comes sand-buried, and you’re left wondering why this was ever a good idea. And who better to tell the struggle than America’s favorite family?

The morning of beach day, it’s your day off, the sun is just starting to rise, the bed is toasty and warm. Bet you feel snug as a bug, don’t you?

giphy 1

The morning of beach day . . . with kids, you’re pretty much guaranteed to wake up before your alarm clock does, because, after all, the beach won’t be there if you sleep just five more minutes. Is there a snooze button on these things?

giphy 2

Beach bod, meet dad bod. Ok, they’ve successfully gotten you up. You might as well get comfortable, this is going to be a long drive. And let’s be real, the lifeguard’s probably just looking for sharks at this point.

giphy 3

We’re almost there. Funny how this is an article about a day at the beach, and on the fourth GIF, we’re still not at the beach. Chin up, you can’t be tired yet—there’s still a long day ahead of you!

giphy 4

We know it’s hard, especially when you think about the good ol’ days. You might have to reach into your memory a good twenty years, but somewhere in there the beach used to be a blast. . .

giphy 5

. . . and you keep telling yourself that everything can be just as it used to be. . .

giphy 6

. . . but there’s really no comparison, anymore.

giphy 7

Let’s face it: you’ve become that parent. And that’s okay, because you’ve earned this.

giphy 8

After all, you probably don’t look like you did fresh out of high school. . .

giphy 9

. . . and, yeah, that might make anybody a little bitter.

giphy 10

But you know what? You just get out there and strut your stuff because nobody beach parents better than you do. After all, I’d like to see any hair-flipping twenty-something spend a day in your swimtrunks (or speedos—no judgment here).

giphy 11

Sure, you might go home with a backpack full of seashells and every crevice full of sand, but at least you’ve still got your sanity, right?

giphy 12

The day is finally over, you’ve made it through without anyone getting a sunburn or shark bite. Good job, super parent, now it’s off to bed—you have to parent again tomorrow.

giphy 13

But when all is said and done, despite the headaches, the noise, the inevitable days at the beach, you know you secretly (though you’ll never admit it) love every minute of it.

giphy 14


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