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Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

7602 Henry Drive, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638 | 813-996-1226 | campidlewildofflorida.com

Our main mission is FUN! Then, to provide recreational and leisure activities that promote confidence and social-emotional development for all children with special needs. Our programs are specially tailored for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related learning and social challenges.

Our staff knows how to adjust activities to be accessible for kids who are anxious about trying new things, have sensory sensitivities, different communication styles, short term memory issues, a difficult time with groups, or who need more support around transitions. We have health care professionals onsite, and we are less than 30 minutes from hospitals.

For additional information including prices, camperships (financial aid), etc. please visit our webpage @ www.campidlewildofflorida.com

Cost: Weekend Camps $250 | Week-long Camps $700

Dates: We are a brand new camp (under construction). Please bear with us as we complete the construction of our camp and facilities. We will announce our first weekend camps for summer and fall 2020 and spring 2021 as soon as possible. You can follow us on our website and our Facebook page for updates!

Ages: 6 – 17


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