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Elite Scholar Academy

3626 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa FL  33609 | 813-382-6106 | elitescholaracademy.com

Elite Scholar Academy is a boutique learning center, located in South Tampa, offering an exclusive private educational experience where just a few families will be accepted.  A limited number of K4 through 12th Grade Scholars are individually guided to reach their full academic potential in a true private setting, while continually taught how to learn and critically think. 

Total Enrollment: 10to 40

Class Size: 1 to 8

Grades Offered: K4 through 12th Grade

Tuition Range: $6,700 to $38,000


Enrichment Tutoring (for students enrolled in other schools)

The Homework Club (for students enrolled in other schools)

Summer Learning Program

Limited seating in all programs


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