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Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade

6283 W. Waters Ave., Tampa, FL 33634 | 813-443-6509 | laserops.com

Laser Ops is a 24,000-square-foot entertainment center in Tampa featuring a game arcade with more than 60 games, virtual reality gaming, tactical laser tag, archery tag and Bazooka Ball. The venue also features a large sports bar and grill, including a full liquor bar. Laser Ops is great for friends and family fun.

Laser Ops is a 24,000 sf Entertainment Venue in the heart of Tampa Bay just off the Veterans Expressway at Waters Ave. It is the first of it’s kind in Tampa Bay to offer an Arcade, Virtual Reality, Extreme Gaming and Classics Arcade. ‘It’s a place that has something for every age”, says GM Lynn Thompson. Our goal is to get kids, young adults, families and friends to come here and experience gaming together”. Their Extreme Games of Tactical Laser Tag, Archery Tag and Bazooka Ball are perfect for groups or camps and just individuals that want to come play. Laser Ops is open everyday for play and does not require a reservation.

In addition, their arcade is of the traditional type with 60+ arcade games and virtual reality games. They think Virtual Reality or VR is just hitting its stride having been limited previously by the use of in-home type systems in Arcades. “We have two very unique arcade quality VR Systems at Laser Ops that make us different”, Lynn says. Hologate is a 20 ft play area that allows 4 people at a time to play together in a virtual world. Rabbid Rabbids Wild Ride is a 2 person VR Systems that simulates a roller coaster. “It’s super easy to get in games here. We want people to come and participate anytime. We have packages that include multiple Extreme Games, Arcade Cards and Gaming with Food”. We want to be an affordable option for families and friends. Speaking of food, Laser Ops features a full service Full Bar and Grille with food similar to Bar Fare. Our Birthday Party rooms are more like lounges so parents can take part and not feel like they’ve been sent to the car or some metal bench to wait. “The local owners, having kids themselves, thought it was important to take care of the parents”, Lynn says. ‘It was part of their design to make sure that parents were comfortable as well with free WiFi, padded lounges, food and drinks available.”

So try Laser Ops and as they say “Put Yourself in The Game!” See more at www.laserops.com or Facebook at facebook.com/laseropstampa


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