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Web of Wisdom

5238 Mile Stretch Dr., Holiday, 34690 | 727-389-4750 | wowschools.org

WOW, where learning meets adventure and education isn’t limited to the classroom. We offer college preparatory academics (AP/Dual Enrollment) in conjunction with extraordinary extracurriculars. These include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, climbing, camping, athletics (K-12), computer programming, automotive repair, music and photography. We are the education that you’re looking for, with the experiences that your child will remember forever.

Total Enrollment:  81 Students

Class Size: 11 – 19 students

Grades Offered:  K through 12th grade

Tuition Range:  $7,800 – $10,000

Amenities:  Scholarships available, college prep, sports, after school activities, music

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