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DIY Crafting Fun with Karimah Henry of

Christmas Town is always a Henry family favorite, so we knew these annual Busch Gardens passholders would be a perfect fit for this month’s issue!

When Henry and her kids aren’t out and about exploring Tampa Bay, you’ll often find them crafting at home and sharing their adventures on Instagram at @craftingafunlife. If you don’t already, definitely give her a follow! We asked her to share some of her favorite holiday crafts to inspire some crafting magic in you and your kids.

DIY Giant Cardboard Reindeer

Supplies: cardboard, scissors, paint, glitter ornament, 4-inch wiggle eyes (2), glitter (optional), paint brush, pencil or marker, hot glue gun, glue


  1. Search your recycling bin for a cardboard box. Then draw a simple reindeer face and antlers on the cardboard. Thin cardboards are easier to cut for younger children.
  2. Have your child apply any color paint to the reindeer face and antlers. We decided to keep it simple by using only brown for the face and gold for the antlers. Allow the paint to dry.
  3. Next, glue the wiggle eyes to the reindeer face.
  4. Attach the glitter ornament for the nose by either using glue or poking a hole and popping it in.
  5. We love glitter so we added some to our antlers. This step is optional.
  6. Finally, glue the antlers to the back of your reindeer face.

Drip Paint DIY Christmas Ornaments

Supplies: clear plastic ornament, acrylic paint (2 or more)


  1. Have your child squeeze some paint into the opening of the clear plastic ornament.
  2. Swirl the ornament around until the paint stops dripping.
  3. Add a different color paint to the ornament and continue to swirl. Use at least two different colors.
  4. Place the ornaments upside down in an empty cup or egg carton to allow any excess paint to drip out.
  5. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours then hang your ornament or give it to a family member.

DIY Cardboard Christmas Wreath 

Supplies: cardboard, acrylic paint, ribbon, pom poms, paint brush, glitter, sequins, mini gift bows, stickers


  1. Grab a board from a recycling bin to complete this project.
  2. Find a large circular object in your home (like a platter), then trace a circle on the cardboard. Then cut a smaller circle inside to form the wreath.
  3. Let your child paint their wreath any color. Allow it to dry.
  4. Start decorating your wreath by adding glitter, sequins, pom poms or other festive items.
  5. Finally, secure the ribbon around the wreath then hang it inside of your home.


Karimah Henry
Karimah Henry
Karimah is a lifestyle blogger who shares her experience raising two active boys on her blog,, and Instagram, @craftingafunlife. She plans fun activities including art projects and science experiments and also shares awesome things to do and places to visit in the Tampa Bay area.

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