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Real Patient Story: Developing Healthy Habits with Dr. Urshan

Weight Loss with Dr. Urshan: A Real Patient’s Journey of Success and Developing Lifelong Healthy Habits

Lara McCay’s story is a familiar one for many women. She wasn’t significantly overweight, but she struggled to lose the extra pounds she was carrying no matter how hard she worked out or how many calories she cut. “When I got into my 40s, I was told weight gain was normal because of the hormonal changes and that it would just get worse,” she said. “I was at a loss and felt defeated.”

Her husband heard about the Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center on a radio commercial and she decided to give it a try. “I wanted to feel better and look better, and generally be healthier,” she explained. “Once I started Dr. Urshan’s plan, I could not believe that it began to work so quickly. The weight began to come off and I started to feel better.”

Dr. UrshanMcCay didn’t see success with a fad diet, the use of hormones, drugs, HCG and B12 shots common among programs offered through weight loss clinics.

What makes Dr. Urshan’s program different? The 40-day proprietary plan is custom built to get your body into an optimal state of healing and restore health at a cellular level by teaching you how to make better choices and restoring key nutrients and trace minerals through organic whole foods supplements.

“When I first started the 40 days, I had to sit down and really plan out my week. It seemed difficult at first, but when I got through the first week, it all made sense to me and I found it very easy to follow. Plus, the staff at Dr. Urshan’s office was always there if I needed help. At first, I did miss some things like a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate, but I quickly lost any kind of craving for those things. I saw how quickly the weight was coming off and even better than that, how awesome I started to feel. I never felt hungry or deprived during the first 40 days,” said McCay.

If you ask Dr. Urshan, he’ll tell you: It’s not about the number on the scale. What inspires him is helping to teach people to people live healthier lifestyles. The added benefit is when the patient’s lifestyle changes trickle down to other family members, including the patient’s children as they begin to pick up the healthy living habits.

McCay used to hate getting on a scale, but now she embraces it. “A number on a scale no longer matters to me. It’s just a number, not a definition of who I am.”

What does matter is how she feels. “I sleep through the night with no problems. I feel clean inside and I love how I look and feel.”

To learn more about Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center: or call (813) 518-8827.

*This post was sponsored by Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center.

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