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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Essential Oils 101

Although essential oils may seem like a New Age trend, they have actually been around for centuries. They were originally known as mankind’s first medicine and were often used for patients with diseases. As an alternative natural treatment many are known to help with bug bites, anxiety, and are safe to use on babies. But with thousands of oils out there it can be hard to know what oils are best for you and your family. Here I will present you on an introductory crash course on essential oils.


If you plan on taking a long road trip for Thanksgiving or Christmas to visit relatives there’s no doubt your eyes will get tired from staring at nothing but the road. Staying awake and focused can be difficult especially during a cross country trip. According to AAA, more than one in five fatal crashes involve a fatigued driver. So, what can you do to improve your focus? Both peppermint and rosemary are great oils for stimulating and helping alertness. Both oils are also great for alleviating headaches which can occur when you have screaming kids wandering when the next rest-stop is. Hawaiian Essential offers a travel gift set that includes a headache relief spray which includes both peppermint and rosemary. For $49.50 the set is also packed with allergy relief, insect bite relief, and insomnia relief.

Hawaiian Essential Oil Gift Set

If your scared of traveling on a plane, or dealing with crowds orange and lavender are great for alleviating stress and they also help to combat fear.

Sleep Problems:

During the first few months after having a baby many mothers experience sleepless nights filled with continuous ear shattering screaming. Luckily there is a solution to this problem. If you spray a little bit of lavender into their laundry the smell will help them sleep more so you can catch up on some z’s. Since essentials are natural and have no added chemicals you don’t have to worry about them irritating your child’s skin. For parents who have insomnia try either lavender or ylang ylang as both are great products for keeping your heart rate steady and it also improves sleep. DōTERRA offers many oils including lavender and ylang ylang. To find out additional information visit


Being a mother means being your the “go to” person for cuts, bruises, and owies. For rashes try using tea tree oils as they help reduce redness. As for cuts moms for years have abided by the strict rules of putting alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it, however webmd says is to wash the wound with water for five minutes.  Why is alcohol so bad? Alcohol harms skin tissue and delays healing. So if you can’t use alcohol what are you supposed to use? Well you could use rosemary as it is good for both killing germs and cleaning wounds.

Looking to Improve Your Health: 

A study produced in the Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research displays the antioxidants found in lavender oil can help prevent heart attacks. It’s hard to deny the positive effects these oils have as a general health remedy. But it’s important to remember not all oils have the same usage. Herbs like thyme have been proven to control blood pressure, while peppermint prevents nausea and acts as a painkiller. Also with cold season approaching friends, family, and children will become infected by hundreds of germs. But in the case that you do get sick you can try eucalyptus essential oils to help cure your common cold and to get rid of nasty coughs.

Next time before you pick up a pill bottle encased with a warning label and possible symptoms you might experience, you might want to think about aromatherapy as a safe alternative.

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