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5 Tips for a Strong Marriage: A Local Expert Shares


Keeping your relationship strong as a couple is challenging enough, but what about when you throw children into the middle of it? Making time for your spouse can feel overwhelming, especially when you feel like you’re in every day survival mode. However, if you keep these suggestions in mind, you can build a healthy relationship built on love and respect. Here are five important tips to help keep both your family and relationship strong:

1. Listen

Listen way more than you think you need to and try to understand each other’s point of view. This means really paying attention and focusing on the things that interest your spouse, even when they might not interest you.

2. Show Your Appreciation

Catch your partner ‘being good.’ Tell him or her when they look good or when you appreciate the nice things they do for you. Let them know you see the effort they put into the relationship. Be cognizant of the good things! Remember you’re not just parents, you have identities outside being a parent. Nurture that in each other.

3. Care for Yourself

Yes, your partner is supposed to love you for better or worse, but don’t take that literally. Taking care of yourself and paying attention to how you look and feel are so important for your relationship. When you feel good about yourself, your relationship will benefit from that. As a parent, you can feel exhausted and stressed, recognize those times and ask for a little time for you. You both deserve that time.

4. Care for Your Relationship

Being a parent may seem like a 24-7 job, and in most cases, it is but that doesn’t mean you don’t take time out to take care of your intimate relationship as a couple. Make time for date nights and leave the day to day stuff at home. Have intellectual conversations or go to a sporting event; do something that you both enjoy without the worry of changing diapers or helping with bath time. Find a qualified sitter to help you make these nights happen and make them a priority.

5. Communicate

You can’t solve or fix problems if you don’t talk about them. Talk to each other immediately when something is bothering you. Don’t wait for it to fester into something bigger than it is. This is especially true for couples who are parents. Always communicate on how to handle issues with your children. Many times, it can be hard to agree on how you want to raise your children, discipline your children and even teach them. This can cause issues in your relationship.

At Rice Psychology Group of Tampa, we offer our parent consultation services to those needing to address everyday child-related trials that often come with parenthood. We work with married, separated, divorcing, divorced and single parents.

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