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Friday, December 2, 2022

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For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey by Eric M. Strumpf

Lessons for life

Like all parents, Lt. Col. Eric Strumpf’s world completely changed with the birth of his daughter.  Not only did he discover how deeply he could love another human being, but he also uncovered his greatest fear – letting her down.  Strumpf began to envision the infinite ways he could positively influence the outcome of her life and from that came

For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey,

twenty-one inspiring lessons to help a young woman live her best life.

“I wanted to share the many observations a father accumulates over the course of a lifetime and began to fear that saving them for ‘someday’ might leave too much to chance,” says Strumpf.  “I knew that I could give my daughter something to turn to for guidance throughout her life.”

From surviving high school to finding their place in the world, daughters face a future full of challenges, and all good parents want to be there to help. For My Daughter offers a powerful vision of the person all parents want to see their daughters become – strong, kind-hearted, and empowered to live her dreams.

In loving, lively, and engaging language, For My Daughter is a valuable resource for parents and daughters that places emphasis on living a value-based life with passion and compassion using twenty-one empowering lessons shared straight from the heart:

  • Character:  Make Integrity the Foundation For a Great Life; Be a Difference Maker; Choose a Mentor; Protect Your Reputation; Distrust Urges; Treat all People as Important; Be True to Yourself
  • TransformationBecome a Master of Words; Measure Twice, Cut Once When Communicating; Embrace Independent Thought; Manage Your “Curriculum”; Seek Opportunities to Expand; Reflect Often; Reject Self-Limiting Thoughts
  • LifeChoose Opportunity; Know the Cost; Seek Balance; Affirm Life; Be The Hero of Your Own Life; Give Yourself a Break; Know that You are Precious

For My Daughter started out as words for just my daughter but gradually took on greater purpose as I realized they could benefit more young women than just her,” adds Strumpf. “I truly hope that this book will impact some young lady somewhere.”

A portion of the proceeds of For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey will go to providing copies to girls associated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Eric M. Strumpf is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, where he has served with distinction for fifteen years. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, a master’s degree in Public Policy from New England College and Post-Graduate Certificate in Shakespeare and education at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon. He hopes to begin a second career as a high school English teacher. Passionate about life, but especially about being a father, he lives in Suffolk, Virginia, with his wife Jeanette, daughter Lily, and stepchildren Tyler and John. 

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