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Fresh Start

The new year is here, which means it is time for a fresh start. Whether you are trying to lose weight, learn more, or just have more family fun this year, we have found the very best products to kick-start your goals.

Fitsmart from Adidas WEB

FitSmart from Adidas
Per top Tampa personal trainers, DrivenFit, the FitSmart is the perfect to help you reach new year’s weight loss goals, this is a revolutionary daily activity tracker that includes accurate wrist based heart rate monitoring, real-time coaching, professional training plans, daily activity tracking, and GPS free distance, speed and stride tracking for running workouts. $149

Boot Butler 2016 January

Boot Butler
Organize your boots in half the space! The Boot Butler is a hanging system for your boots to help eliminate messy piles, and extends the life of your boots by preserving their shape. $14


Viewmaster Virtual Reality
Enter the world of virtual reality! This kid-friendly device will surround you with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there! Download one of the View-Master VR apps, slide your smartphone into the viewer, and get ready for an immersive experience! $25


Win trophies for making up funny movie titles! Schmovie is all about creativity, humor and laugh-out-loud fun. Schmovie can be as tame or as wild as you’d like. Have more than six players? Break into teams! $20


Fall Asleep
If your resolution is to get your kids to sleep this year without a fight, this book is for you. This personalized story actually induces sleep and uses positive reinforcement to promote relaxation. $16


Star Wars Pens
Feel the force, young writer. These pens come in a collector’s box and let you bring the force with you wherever you go. They come in a variety of colors and inks. $8

Science Explosion

The Magic School Bus Science Explosion
Learn all about the different fields of sciences and be the first player to explode the volcano. Science Explosion includes two exciting games in one. Match science-based topic cards to master cards in one game and use memory and strategy skills in another game. $30


Hip City Bags
Inspire your little girl to always follow her heart and help promote independence with our fashionable and fun hands-free bags! She’ll love all the different ways to wear it: Style it around her waist, on her hips, bag in front or on the side! $30


Oribel Peripop Foxey
Say hello to friendly Foxey! From cushion to playmat to blanket, this cute creature can also store clothes and toys. The extendable length means it will grow with your child and the vent holes enhance breathability. $49

Dial Down the Drama

Dial Down the Drama
Parenting teens can be hard, but this book can make it easier. Author Colleen O’Grady helps parents navigate the eye rolls and slammed doors of teenagers so that you can have a happier relationship. $17

Little Balance Bo

Little Balance Box
The Little Balance Box is unique because it allows children to use their hands and forearms in a variety of positions and from any direction to maximize stability and develop balance. $70


The Sneeve
Arm your kids against germs! This germ killer slides onto your child’s elbow so that when they sneeze the germs can easily be caught. It has an antimicrobial agent that kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on contact. $7

Ring IT

Ring It
Clap and ring your way to victory! Players continuously flip their cards until a combo is found. Be the first to find the combo, clap your hands and ring the bell. $15

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