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Gift an Experience: Tampa Bay YMCA

If you’ve come across someone on your holiday list and you have no idea what to give this person, then keep reading. Ok, so no matter their age…imagine they’re sitting on Santa’s lap and being asked what they want. Whether they name the latest, trendiest gadget or toy or they ask for world peace…the end result is the same. The person wants to be happy – to feel good. Don’t we all? With that in mind, why not give that special someone the tools to help them get there?

At the YMCA, we like to call this giving someone an experience. By gifting a family membership at the Y, you’re giving a family a gift that will last long after the wrapping paper is thrown way and boredom sets in. You’re giving them an opportunity to experience everything the Y has to offer all year long from family fitness, basketball and pool activities to movie nights, arts and crafts and seasonal events…and more! Heck, why limit this experience to other families, why not give it to your own family? You want to be happier too, right?

Feeling better about yourself can start by coming to the Y. Starting on a healthier path changes everything. Whether you start a fun, interactive group exercise class, try out personal or group training or do your own thing on the treadmill…things are going to start looking differently. It’ll change the way you feel, the way you look and your daily habits. And the experience doesn’t stop there. Inside the Y, you and your family will meet other families and build new relationships. The Y will become more than just a place to work out, swim or play basketball. It’ll be the place you go to catch up with friends and spend quality time together. The Y can also serve as a parenting partner for afterschool and summer care in a safe environment, a   place to keep your kids active in sports and a spot to learn life-saving swim skills.

Soon, you’ll discover the Y will become your home away from home. That’s a gift that will bring smiles beyond the holidays. Increased confidence and improved health transforms lives. Can you think of a better gift?

So, whether it’s for your family or someone’s else’s, give an experience this year. Give the gift of health. Find the most convenient location by heading here Out of 25 Ys in five Tampa Bay Area counties, you’re sure to find one that you and your family can improve your health and well-being, connect with new friends and the community. Happy hunting and happy holidays!


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