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Grace Michalk

Grace Michalk is an 11 1/2 year old 5th grade student at Lowry Elementary School in Tampa, FL. Grace was born in Brandon, FL in 2000 and has also lived in North Carolina and Texas. Grace enjoys being active in her school and in her community. At her school, she is involved in the Spotlight Singers Chorus, is a member of the Lowry Safety Patrol and is a member of Puzzle Friends, a group of students who work with Autistic students at their school. Grace also volunteers to help peer mentor Autistic students who are close to her age through her brother’s school, The ABA Academy in St. Petersburg. She started helping children with Autism when she lived in Texas at the DFW Center for Autism after her brother was diagnosed with a severe form of regressive Autism in 2007. She enjoys helping so much that she continued her efforts after moving to Florida in late 2008. Grace also raises funds for Autism Speaks each year as part of “Andrew’s A-Team” through the Walk Now For Autism event. When not helping the Autism community, Grace likes to participate in volunteer events through her church and her Girl Scout Troop (ex: Metropolitan Ministries).

Outside of school & volunteering, Grace enjoys being active in Girl Scout Troop 447 and singing in her church’s angel choir. At home, Grace really enjoys spending time with her family. She lives with her Mom, Step Dad, her 6 year old brother Andrew and two step-sisters, Ashley and Alyssa.

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