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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Halloween Costumes for Expectant Mummies!

Calling all expectant mommies! Don’t let that baby bump slow you down this Halloween season! Take advantage of this Halloween season to dress up and show off that beautiful baby bump with these imaginative costumes.

This time of year is perfect for our expectant mommies to dress up as the weather begins to break from the typical smoldering balmy days of summer. Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies, so let’s dress up that beautiful baby bump and get your trick or treat on!

Egg Costume: This sweet costume begs the question, which came first the chicken or the egg. But seriously, this costume is perfect for most stages of pregnancy.


Pregnant Mummy: How appropriate a title. This image conjures up visions of Halloween as well as motherhood.


Fish-Bowl: This image might remind you what it feels like to have a baby swimming around in your belly. It also is perfect for baby bumps of all sizes.


Team Player: This costume is perfect to bring out the athlete in you. Feel free to be creative with your favorite team during the Halloween and Baseball season.


Watermelon: Remember the old wives’ tale we were told as children? If you eat the watermelon seed, you will grow a watermelon in your tummy.


These are just a few cute ideas to dress up your baby bump this Halloween season. Most of these costumes can be assembled with items you have hanging around the house. These costumes also offer a key factor that most pregnant women seek: COMFORT!

Don’t let your pregnancy keep you from enjoying the Halloween festivities. Take this opportunity to enjoy and document this memorable moment in yours and your family’s lives. So get your Boo on and join your friends and family as they venture out for a night on the haunted town this holiday season. Spotlight that bump and let the fun begin!

For these and more cute ideas to dress up your baby bump visit Pintrest.


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