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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Happy 500th Florida!

Florida FlagApril 2, 2013 marks a very special celebration for the State of Florida.  On this day 500 years ago, Ponce de Leon and his Spanish explorers landed on the shores near St. Augustine.  They were searching for gold and the fountain of youth.  They were impressed by the variety of flowers they found and named these new lands La Florida.   Florida has the oldest documented European history in the USA – 100 years earlier than the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia.

In addition to the European settlers, Florida has a rich Native American culture than spans more than 12,000 years.  Get out and explore your Florida at one of the more than 340 museums across the state.  Special events and celebrations have been planned at these venues.

For more information about Viva Florida celebrations across the state, please visit


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