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Healthy lunchboxes for YOU, mama! Jenny P of @lunchboxmafia dishes on ideas!

A new month is always a good time to reflect on our goals and what we set out to do at the start of the year.

What are your goals right now as you imagine what the rest of this year will bring? Whatever it is, most goals or “resolutions” involve health, wealth and the people we love.

I’m here to help with tips on lunch packing and I’m not talking about your kids this time. I’m talking about lunch packing for you! My name is Jenny. Please join me at LUNCHBOXMAFIA on Instagram for daily lunch inspo, tips and easy recipes that can save you time and money.

Why pack your own lunch?

  1. Grabbing a coffee in the morning, lunch and then a snack later adds up real quick! Most people spend $15 – $20 on lunch x 5 days per week = $100. That’s groceries for a week for some families.
  2. You are what you eat. When you prepare your own lunch, you have control over the portions. You know exactly what ingredients were used, how much sodium, sugar, etc. Also, packing something you like and look forward to eating sets you for a great day!
  3. Do you have food allergies? The best way to make sure your food is safe is to take control and make it yourself.

Resolutions are hard to keep. Old habits are hard to break. The best way to maintain any changes you want to stick with is to focus on the why.

  • WHY? Let’s say you want to start saving some money for a trip to Italy this year.
  • WHAT? The “what” or behavior you need to practice is saving money.
  • HOW? Start saving $20 per day by packing your lunch instead of eating out.
  • WHAT IF? Your tangible “tracker” will be seeing those $20 add up in your vacation fund!

If you ever lose focus or miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Just go back to your WHY. Here are some ideas for adult lunches and bentos to go.

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

Some of my favorites include charcuterie style lunches, protein boxes and salads. The protein boxes are great if you’re like me and like to snack throughout the day. They’re also a good option if you like lots of variety or trying to use up odds and ends from the fridge.

I love to hollow out big bell peppers and stuff them with hummus and veggies or tuna. Come say hello at LUNCHBOXMAFIA on Instagram. Happy New Year and happy lunch packing my friend!

Here are some of MORE of my healthy lunchboxes to inspire YOU:

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

healthy lunchbox ideas for moms

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Jenny P
Hello! My name is Jenny. Wife, mom and boss behind @lunchboxmafia on Instagram and Facebook. As a corporate executive for 20+ years, I traveled a lot and away from home most week days. Now that I'm home every night, I get to pack lunch for all of us. It's one way that I care for and show love to my family. As I started sharing ideas on social media, I discovered an amazing community of lunchbox parents and enthusiasts. It's become a creative outlet for me. Follow me for easy recipes and lunch packing tips. From toddler to teen (and even for yourself), I've got you covered at @lunchboxmafia

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