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Helping Kids Make New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Day is a time when most celebrate a new beginning. Many reflect on ways they were successful. Maybe it’s the diet you were able to keep up with or the rocking body you have from working out. However, did you know it’s important to help set up goals for your children? According to experts, kids ages 7-12 are at the ideal stage to learn to make resolutions.

Christine Charter, Ph.D. author of Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents said in a online statement, “They’re still young enough that their habits are not firm. They’re old enough to think about what a New Year’s resolution is and to make their own-yet parents still help guide them.”

Making resolutions should not be a tedious task but instead a fun and exciting time, allowing you to bond with your child on a different level. As a family come together and discuss positive things your child has done or accomplished in the past year. Point out new skills they have developed, such as becoming a better singer or pianist or even a better athlete.

Next, ask your children-what they want to improve. It might be best to start out and include things you want to become better at, as this is a great way to get your children to open up to you.

As you start to share resolutions it’s important to stay realistic and not make goals for your children. Once you have a solid list, narrow down your resolutions to two or three goals.

“We don’t want to teach our kids it’s about making a huge list of resolutions and not following through,” Dr. Carter says. “So help your child narrow them down to a couple of things to focus on.”

Some resolutions to suggest could be:

  • Helping out around the house by washing the dishes or setting the table.
  • I will work on improving my reading skills by reading one short story before bed (or set a time limit).
  • Eating healthier. Take baby steps by combining fruit with one meal a day.

You can also make family resolutions such as visiting a family member more or performing one charitable act each month. Acts of kindness go a long way and it also teaches your children how to give back.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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