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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Hi Ho! Let’s go to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs sign

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially opens on May 28, 2014 at the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Thanks to some Disney magic, my eight year old and I were fortunate to hop aboard for a few sneak peek rides earlier this month.

Fantasyland 2014 258As lanterns glowed overhead, we walked along the garden path leading up to the three interactive games in the covered queue area. Posted handwritten notes from Doc give clues on how to play. First, colorful gems float by on a digital stream or sluice as we sort gems into our little pans. Next was a water xylophone. As water falls from wood-carved animal figures into a colorful sluice of gemstones and lights, we interrupted the water flow with our hands to change the colors of the lights and musical sounds. Lastly, we worked together with other guests to spin the seven barrels of colorful gems to create an overhead display worth every ounce of effort. Images of gems reflected on the ceiling transform into an image of the dwarf whose name is written on that barrel. When all seven barrels are spinning, a magical dancing image of Snow White appears in the center. Be sure to whistle while you work!

Vultures reimagined from the original Snow White's Scary Adventure
Vultures reimagined from the original Snow White’s Scary Adventure

Disney historians will appreciate that the Imagineers took elements from the original Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction and reimagined them in this all-new adventure. We spotted two vultures and some woodland creatures from the original Snow White ride as we were whisked around the hills and through the mines. The ride alternates between fast and slow sections which allows plenty of time to enjoy the colorful scenery. We sang along with the Seven Dwarfs as they mined the glowing gems. Hi ho!


Although the mine cars are connected, each car moves and swings independently from one another. This is an Imagineering marvel and a first for rollercoasters everywhere. The ride twists and turns through the Seven Dwarfs sparkling diamond mine and out into the New Fantasyland. The outdoor sections of the track wind past beautifully landscaped hills overlooking familiar Fantasyland attractions including the Mad Tea Party tea cups as well as New Fantasyland favorites like Dumbo in Storybook Circus, the Beast’s Castle, Cinderella’s Castle and finally the Dwarf’s cottage before slowing down to disembark.

Be sure to reserve a spot with a Fastpass+ but also allow time to wait in the queue. Those special interactive details in line are worth the wait.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the Magic Kingdom you go!

Rock Your Disney Side!
Rock Your Disney Side!



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