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Hopping Green

Celebrating Easter and Earth Day

Mr. Steamy

Easy-to-use and eco-friendly, just add water and toss it in the dryer to get wrinkle-free clothes.

Cuddly Cotti

Perfect for snuggling, this little lamb, made of high-quality organically farmed cotton, will make falling asleep as easy as one, two, sleep. $25

Organically Raised

A cookbook with a conscious, this hip, holistic guide helps you create delicious, healthy and organic meals for your little ones.  $21.99

I Love Dirt

Enjoy activities designed to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature. $14


Admittedly modern, Cutie is sure to become a favorite of any girl lucky enough to receive her.  $15.50

Sprout Change

Be kinder to Mother Earth with reusable potty trainers that are lined with organic cotton and a comfy waterproof shell. $19.95

Under the Nile

Offering apparel, toys and accessories for infants and children, every product is made from 100 percent handpicked organic Egyptian cotton, with no pesticides or chemicals used during the production process.

Nosh, Schlep, Schluff: Babtiddish

From the youngest “mamaleh” to the oldest “bubbe” and “zaideh”, there’s fun for the whole family in this interactive book.  $5.99

Snazzy Baby Travel Chair

This all-purpose four-in-one seat works makes dining out and traveling with baby a little easier. $34.99

Pure & Simple

Artisan designed and made of organic wool felt and stuffed with soft organic bamboo fiber, this clever little pooch from Keeki couldn’t get any cuter.

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