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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

The fireplace is lit, the presents are open, and the anticipation for 2016 is growing. Beyond the second wave of parties inviting the new year, there lies a dull excitement of what-if’s and expectations for the unknown future. These next 12 months are exciting and may encourage you to create New Year’s Resolutions. Unleash your dreams and stick to them with our helpful tips and tricks!

Be real! As excited and determined as you are in January, it is not realistic that you will feel the same in six months, the next week, or even tomorrow. Truly evaluate your goals. As fun as it is to list twenty-something things, most of them will not be finished or even started.

And don’t be too harsh! Giving up or cutting things out of your life in general will only make you miserable and detest your resolution. You are doomed to break it; and, once broken, you may decide to ditch it altogether. Turn “no sweets” into “dessert only a few times a week,” or “no Netflix” into watching TV on weekends.

Get in the habit! While your motivation is at its highest level, you need to continuously practice your goal. The part of your brain that yells “keep going!” is within the rational thinking part of your brain that most often gets overruled by pleasure and survival instincts. You must turn your resolution into routine; so, it becomes natural enough to not consciously think about.

Go narrow! Besides writing down massive tasks –assuming you have the entire year to complete them– set mini-goals that will produce the same outcome. Want to finish that pile of books? Aim to read at least a chapter or two a night. Trying to drop a few pant sizes? Plan gym days a few times a week.

Reward yourself! Understand that giving yourself a treat or breaking your resolution on occasion is necessary to remain happier and less stressed. Listen to upbeat music, drive to the beach, or simply write down a list of accomplishments to boost your ego.

Plan it! Sometimes imagining it is not the same as having it in front of you. Write it down on paper. Or, even go as far as recording it in a planner if you don’t have one already. A physical reminder can give you that extra push, plus the satisfaction of crossing something off your list!

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