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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Is My Baby Obese?

The fatter the baby, the cuter it is. One might say that is an opinion, but I think it might just be fact. But can a baby ever be too fat? Does an obese baby actually exist?

Your doctor can predict if your child has a high BMI, which would mean it is in the 98th percentile; however, a child under two years of age should not undergo any diet that limits fat and calorie intake. In fact, a child thrives off consuming high fat substances, especially breast milk which is full of fat but also other nutrients.

Although an obese baby is not really a health concern, too much weight and too many roles may delay the child from learning to crawl and later on to walk, according to Mayo Clinic. And excess weight can actually lead to childhood obesity down the road, especially if bad eating habits are picked up.

Bad eating habits can occur in the baby and in the mother, as well. A pregnant woman should communicate her weight gain with her doctor to make sure it is increasing at a healthy rate. With the baby’s eating habits, there are ways to limit intake that do not affect the essential parts to the diet. Minimize the amount of sugary drinks, such as juice. Also, if breast feeding is used as a way to cease crying as a comfort method rather than a way to satisfy hunger, find other ways to soothe the baby such as changing the environment or its resting position.

Do not introduce a baby to television, iPads, or any technology that promotes a stand-still. Babies should be getting their cardio by playing with toys and crawling. It has been proven that a baby given media access has higher weight.

If your child was once a baby with one or twenty something rolls, ask your doctor about child nutrition. Every child should be eating healthy, energy inducing foods.

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